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Project NatureConnect
Who We Are (continued)


Who We Are: a network of professionals

An online community of alumni, faculty and students cooperatively share mentoring, facilitating and training program administration.

INTRODUCTION: Below is a sampling of the participants (your potential classmates) in our Certificate and Degree Program courses in 2002-2004. Each has mastered the 5-week, online, Orientation Course, Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship and its organic psychology process. They have learned how, on or off the program, to support, enjoy and sustain cooperative relationships with natural systems in the environment and people.

The total student body resides in 24 USA states and 8 other countries. Each student is increasingly using NSTP Organic Psychology to improve their professional and personal life skills. They welcome, encourage and support any person interested in the program and they may respond to inquires that are directed to Project NatureConnect. Comments, further information and contacts for many of them may be found through search engines. (more below)

The program director is Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.

Carol Biggs, M.S., Founder/Director Alaska Nature Connection and Counselor Without Walls. Addiction recovery, edible and medicinal plant field guides, nature writing and photographic art.

Mark Brody, Ed.D., licensed psychologist, internet course facilitator; healing meditation experiences in nature .

Sarah Anne Edwards, LCSW: Director, Pine Mountain Institute;career and lifestyle coaching; author of 16 books on balancing lifestyles.

Tom Currell; M. A. Health and Organizational Psychologist; Vice President of an inner city Housing Development Company

Theresa Sweeney: Ph.D. Life coach and mental health counselor; healing that combines art therapy with nature therapy.

J. Christina Brittain M.A., Counselor/Coach; "Arousing the Vision Within: Enhancing Wellness through Nature Imaging,"

Brigett Camarena B.A.: Client Centered Art Therapist; Spiritual Counseling with families and women on the issues of abandonment and separation.

Kurtland Davies, Ph.D,: Counselor and Dreamology instructor for adults or adolescents, therapists, counselors and youth workers.

Jenna Caplette B.A.: Native American studies life coach; intercultural substance abuse prevention and writing.

Susan Chernak McElroy, B.S.: Chair of the RiverWind Foundation for nature, author of the New York Times bestseller, "Animals as Teacher and Healers."

Bonnie Chan B.A.: Certified healing counselor, business and life coach; founded the Teens Coaching Community.

Suriya Osman, M.D. Physician in holistic medicine, homeopathy and energy healing.

Marlow Shami, M.S.: Nature-based ecopsychology healer, writer and instructor. Editor of NaturalSense.

David R. Givers, M.S. Natural Resources Management instructor; administrator of research infrastructure development programs for research universities.

Catherine A. Paluch, M.S.W., A.C.S.W. Diplomate in Clinical Social Psychotherapy specializing in family therapy and eating disorders. 


Allison Weeks. M.A.: Education Director for Attraction Retreat Early Childhood and Elementary Education teacher, Project NatureConnect certification instructor.

B. James Rowe Ph.D., Executive Director Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School

Cyrus Rhode Jr. M.P.A. Healing therapist and naval oceanographer for coastal marine environment and interrelated human activities.

John Scull, Ph.D., Retired clinical psychologist and adjunct associate professor of Psychology

Teresa Votlucka, R.N., M.S.: RN, MS, Stress Strategist, Miami Institute of Psychology; health and recovery trainer.

Hunter Mohring, M. S. Mental Health and Personal Growth trainer; co-founder and Executive Steward of Boxerwood Gardens.

Kelly French, B.A. Coach, Activist, and Earth Steward.

Dave Paulsen, B.A.: Executive Director of Attraction Retreat; Engineer, Counselor, and Organic Psychology activism.

Mardi Jones, Ph.D., Environmental educator, writer and counselor; nature-connected hypnotherapy,

Marie Odum, M.A., B.S.N.: Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master; private facilitation practice for animals and people.

Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou, M.Div.: Founder and facilitator of EarthSong Seminars; workshops, retreats in sensory-spirit nature healing.

Lynn Ruoff B.A. Linquistic and literacy specialist; Director of the Full Circle Center for learning with nature.

Charles M. McClintock, B.A., Holistic health practitioner; Polarity Therapy and Ecopsychology

Marie McLean, M.A. PDP: Science of Intuition and Applied Ecopsychology; Hawaiian wilderness excursions.

Revalyn Faba-Sack M.A.: Special Needs Coordinator and ESL teacher

Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. Founder- Director Project NatureConnect and Audubon Expedition Institute.

Jane-Ann Jeffries, M.A. Religious Science Practitioner and Educator in L.A. Unified School District.

Monika Lenz M.S.: nature-connected Creative Trainings for business and industrial leaders in South America.

Gina Carruthers BSC: International Body Harmony Guild teacher and practioner.



In the courses and program the people above, and many other participants, learn by doing and sharing. The curriculum guides them to skillfully play the roles of facilitator, mentor and program administrators that enable all participants to create moments that let Earth teach. In this way, by email they help each other learn from contact with the beauty and wisdom of authentic natural systems in themselves and natural areas, backyard or backcountry. The results of this process my be seen on the survey and testimonials pages.


After you obtain information about the Project NatureConnect program from the web site by using the Navigation guide (left column), a free, helpful 15 minute discussion by phone with a faculty member is the most efficient way to customize the program to your goals.

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