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These field reports describe a funded Mother Earth sensory science in action. The provide samples an organic psychology tool that helps us improve health wellness and counseling by enabling our thinking and feeling to safely tap into the nature's grace, balance and restorative powers. Participants benefit from and strengthen their inborn love of nature as they master alternative therapist coaching, stress release management and holistic spiritual psychology. 


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Project NatureConnect offers nature-centered distant learning that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.
We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the
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  • Improve your income and satisfaction through independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology.
  • Help people connect their thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental well being.
  • Add the sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life and community.

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FIELD REPORTS: on line program participants, share their results from a nature-connecting activity.


Frozen Water

"Today started off with me complaining because I only got 2 hours of sleep last night.  My attitude needed to change and I knew it.  So, we headed off to the foothills of Boulder to seek a natural attraction I could visit.

We drove to a trail to hike along.  Walking along in the snow, Steve stopped to point out a bird in a tree, but I was immediately drawn to the tree standing all alone in the pasture filled with cattle.  We sat in silence staring at what we were attracted to and when our attraction faded, we moved on.  The bird also flew off.  Before us the foothills rose up in sun-kissed magnificence of gleaming white snow.  The sunny day and blue skies brought happiness to my soul.  I was starting to feel better.

We drove to another trail as I still was not feeling the attraction I really longed for in this activity.  Knowing I connect deeply with water, I asked that we find a rushing river.  At the first spot we hiked to on this trail, I was immediately drawn to the smooth glass of water that quickly dumped down into cascading rapids.  I stared in awe for a bit, until I lost my attraction because of the highway going directly over this magnificent spot.  I noted that I had not waited for consent to be given in this natural area and thought it good to move on from this spot.

We headed down the other way on the trail and came to more open water...there was a lot of ice covering the river.  I listened with excitement to the marvelous noise of the water as it lapped against the ice, while Steve enjoyed a bird across the river.  I noted how neat it was to be in the same spot but each enjoying a different element of nature.  Why are we attracted to certain things at certain times?  It must be our truth!
We moved along to my favorite part of this hike where I finally remembered to gain consent before doing this activity.  Three mallards, 2 male and a female, were swimming down the river.  They stopped and one tried to get on the ice.  I watched her struggle and began to cheer for her to make it up.  After much struggle, she made it.  The other two followed suit.  I found such joy in watching them travel down the river and I thanked them for their consent to be there.   My soul was feeling such happiness and peace as I spent time there just enjoying being in the presence of this glorious scene of these wonderful ducks foraging for food along the rushing water.  It WAS much more attractive because I had gained consent and thanked it.  I definitely felt better about myself because I was  more in touch and supported by the life community.

 I liked this quote from the Web of Life Imperative book “This activity helps us discover immediate positive outcomes from treating the Earth community fairly, with respect, as a mother, an equal or as a friend rather than as something to further abuse or exploit.”

I discovered that I relearned nature's healing tendencies, that  gaining consent and thanking nature provides a whole different experience and that sharing an experience in nature can greatly improve communication. I would feel so sad if these webstring attractions had been taken away from me because this activity greatly lifted my spirits and I would have had to return to feeling mopey.  This activity definitely enhanced my sense of self-worth and trustfulness of nature.
Nature is my true bliss.  I needed to experience and feel that today, and my spirits were definitely lifted."

- Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Participant 

Nature Love

"I went to my favorite bush outside our house that smiles with little red berries.  Ever since this wonderful bush came to my awareness, I am noticing that every window of the house I look out of there is a smiling red berry bush.   I never noticed it before.  Surprise surprise. 
As I asked for consent from the bush to visit it, I felt a warm tingling sensation rise up my spine and I knew that the bush was welcoming me back with open arms.  As I came closer, I noticed that some of its branches were stuck under ice patches on the ledge.  I immediately started to look for a tool to break the ice to set the branches free.  All I could find was a chapstick in my coat pocket and I began to break the ice by hitting the patches with the chapstick.  Within few minutes the branches were free and swaying.  I felt like swaying with them.  I felt so happy and content as the connection was beautiful.  The bush that I like is beautiful, compassionate,  wise and I like it because she feels like an energetic connection that is far reaching. 

As I sit typing this out, the bush is looking inside from the window and I keep looking outside at her for her consent to verify what I am typing.  What I see is her energy field, it is vast and she is connecting with me through her energy even indoors (through the window) and I hear a hissing sound that is the sound of her energy vibrating.  No, I am not crazy, I am more aware for the first time.  I have experienced the sound separately, the sight separately and now it is wonderful to experience it all together.  She is the only green vibrant color outside as it is grey and all the background trees are bare as though partaking in the energy exchange with this beautiful smiling red berry bush.  By asking consent, I too consciously exchange energy with my community of trees and bushes and the beautiful land we are situated upon. 
I apply this experience to my nature and say “I like myself because I am beautiful, compassionate and wise”
Yes, yes, yes!!!  I validate that the changed sentence describes all aspects of me.  I feel wonderful in this light and yes it feels right.  I have been noticing small shifts and did not realize how big the shift was going to be.  I am actually loving myself more and more, my energy feels different, more expansive and connected.  Before I would go in and out of this experience and now I sustain it or perhaps it sustains me.
As for connecting with that part of nature with another human being:  I connected with my daughter Nancy who is now 20 (I can‚t believe it) and there are times when our ideas clash.  Instead of arguing with her, this time, I connected with her inner nature and the experience was wonderful.  There was a sense of deep connection and she sat close to me and I held her for 15 minutes.  This was wonderful as she has a busy schedule and is hardly around, furthermore that day she called from her boyfriends place and gabbed for 25 minutes and we laughed like the good old days.  Perhaps it is time to accept that my baby is a flower in full bloom and is shining with her own ideas and energy.
This chapter was wonderful from reading to experiencing.  I discovered that if there is no connection there is no life and that my nature shines through nature, nothing else of the world can make it shine, not even fame.  I am vibrant because I am nature.  With such depth and great connection, life would be impossible if I lost my ability to sense nature.  That non-ability is mechanical living and this is real.
My sense of self-worth had an explosion.  I can't describe it any other way.
I am more active, I am taking frequent breaks from writing and working.  I am stepping out and working out more.  I am even eating healthy (now that is a shift)  I am singing, skipping and dancing more.
I have had this vision of helping women in distress and I think I am gaining momentum to put a plan together.
I could keep going, however, I think I have said enough about this activity that we share, friends, thank you for listening."

Much love,


PS.  I don't know why but I have tears of joy rolling down my eyes and my heart feels full

Hi Marge,
I don't care about the why, but I am caring with my own tears.

- Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Participant 

Frozen Water

"As I first read our assignment I was a little apprehensive towards a few things. I felt that comparing it to if a man walked into another mans space, right past him and started eating from his refrigerator wasn't a good comparison to enjoyring natures natural attraction without asking permssion for it. For, as put into words, the property humans "own" is a 5 leg way of thinking where as nature is 4 way, and we are part of it. I decided I'd give the assignment a try anyways trying to be as open minded to interpretation as possible. Dave said that he initially felt the same way,  and that's why he was so blown away with the power of this activity.

I was instantly attracted to the lake we live by and walked it's ledge.  The lake has frozen over thick enough for the ice fishers to set up their shantis. Snow layers the ice about a foot tall. It is nights, so no one is out at the moment. Right now, the lake looks completely pure, clean and uncorrupted. The snow on the  lake glows casting the only light. The sky beside is very dark. The best way to describe it with words is I gave off the energy that I wanted to connect with it. I sensed that it, that moment, place and vision, returned the sentiment. I gave it my love, thankful will, loving kindness and happyness to name a few things. I then departed.

I found that once I tried the activity allowing myself freedom to interpretation, I really enjoyed the assignment. It is something that I like to do, become as connected and in the moment with the universe as possible. It is always a good reminder to make conscious and intentional trips to natural areas to find specific places and moments, connect with them and share the love between us.
This experience as a whole taught me that I need more often to make deliberate journeys in connecting with a particular moment, it is good to leave things open to interpretation and we all have different instinctive visions and we can be shown someone else's visions.

I concluded that it is reasonable and helpful to seek permission, gain consent and give thanks in appreciation for the enjoyable feelings and senses we receive from visiting and building responsible relationships with places and people."

- Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Participant   


"I know my inherent sensitivities to natural attractions are alive and well because I could enjoyably sense and feel the play between the young crows making a racket and my dog racing toward them even though they were high on the soccer net. They played along and flew away as if in great danger.

It is a rather new idea to view our attractions as permission and invitations given by nature. We talk about Earth alive but this perception states that in each particular attraction, the being or community is actually greeting the particular person who has the attraction to it. I need to live with this a bit.

The activity called "In Balance with Earth". This activity helps us discover immediate positive outcomes from treating the Earth community fairly, with respect, as a mother, an equal or as a friend rather than as something to further abuse or exploit. This can than be applied to all beings including ourselves.

1. Notice how you feel now and then go to somewhere natural you like and _notice_ a strong attraction to something natural.
Yes, I see this is the first ability we must learn to recognize and honor. Somehow even though I feel attracted, I feel I ignore its importance even on days when I am taking time for nature. (My nature connected story tells me, "If you attended to all you're attractions, you'd be standing still. You're making too much of this.) I want to answer "it is a big deal, our wisest love is calling. I need to practice this step, the first skill in respecting Earth.

2. Thank the natural attraction for being there for you and the rewarding feeling you are experiencing.
Yikes, skill number 2: thank you. When I greet my attraction is it with the enthusiasm that I feel and express upon a visit from a good friend. Still, what I notice is that I do not consciously spontaneously ask permission or thank it for the feeling.

3. Decide that you are going to obtain its consent or permission to visit with it.

4. Ask this thing to give its consent for you to be with it.
After several failed attempts I was determined to do this with the celery, parsley and mint I wanted to plant in a new herb garden in a barren sun spot of our front yard.
I sat down quiet for several seconds.

5. I noticed the mint especially was drooping and I felt their permission and urgency to get going.

Though it was near dark, I was focused to revive everyone in the soil. It was amazing how one planting flowed to the next. It seemed the former plants easily gave way to the newcomers and designs arose naturally. I even rescued and add the chives that were suffering under a tree bench in the back. It seemed the whole area was rejoicing at the new community. But it was the smells--the healthy, healing fresh smells of thyme and sage, sweet grass and all these new members that made me feel this small footage of Earth was again happy. I had a grateful heart.

6. Again, I did not thank them consciously until my tools were away when I remembered. I want to get this nonverbal sensing into my verbal world so I will have more wholeness and integrity. I think in life I also leave a lot of gratitude to people on a nonverbal level.

7. I did notice, a subtle difference after my "sit". Gently the relationship became real, like our hearts met or as Nick said "we found each other..and moved...in what felt like companionship." I think, Mike, it is "reasonable and helpful" to greet, gain permission and thank. I want to increase this habit.

I like the idea that the "the natural world uses "bio-logic." That's a good example of reinventing a word that fit our times and the corrective attitude we need. The minute one says biologic, the mind refers to nature. I believe in this old-wisdom stored in our cells, this multi sensory ability to heed each moment's natural conditions and attractions. I believe it is a invaluable gift bestowed us from our ancestors with trust. I thank Mike Cohen's Webstring Learning Model for so clearly guiding us to "the reasonableness of discovering, validating and respecting our natural sensory brain and its attraction connections to nature's wisdom, to part of creation's higher power."

- Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Participant 

Bill thought it was ridiculous for his Organic Psychology course to suggest that he obtain webstring consent from a tree to visit it, before he actually visited it. He believed that visiting a natural area was our God-given right. However, because he wanted to overcome his problem with depression, he did a sensory nature-connecting webstring activity that helped people gain permission from a natural thing to connect with it. (http://www.ecopsych.com/amental.html).  Doing the activity provided Bill with an unexpected peak experience sensation that filled his psyche. As part of the activity, by thinking and expressing to the tree that he would honor and be kind to it and that he would not harm it, his attraction to the tree continued. He became aware that he was obtaining the tree's consent to visit it, otherwise it would not have remained attractive to him and something else might instead have become more attractive.

Bill's natural webstring attractions to the tree's color, shape and grandeur intensified and lasted for an extended period. He delighted in the strength of this feeling and began to sense that in many ways the tree first felt like, and then actually became, a close friend, like a supportive family member.  His fearful “nature is dangerous and dirty” belief along with his feeling that “I'll look foolish if I do this” transformed, for the moment, into the exhilaration that was triggered by a safe and mutually supportive natural webstring way of knowing the tree.  In this moment he felt happy, not depressed. 

Bill recognized that through this activity alone he could seek permission to build supportive relationships with nature in himself, in others or in natural areas at any time.  Using Organic Psychology gave him the ability to activate natural webstring attraction sensitivity powers that helped all natural things, including him, build community.  He saw how seeking consensual contact with nature was reasonable and enjoyable, that his attraction to a tree had “composted” part of his old “nature is bad” story into a mutually supportive way of enjoying the natural world as his extended family.  This felt exciting and worthwhile. It increased his self-esteem because he became conscious that he knew how to connect with nature and that its renewing webstring energies helped him recycle “feeling down” into “feeling more alive, less depressed.”  Bill told his online support group, “This experience was a delight of surprises.  I felt that I touched the tip of an iceberg of new intelligence.  What I love about me is that when I gain a new awareness like this, I can no longer act as if I'm ignorant, that do not know.  My curiosity and desire for a fuller experience of the web of life fuels me forward.  These activities have done more for me in the last four months than the past 14 years of my personal searching and I thank each of you so much for being part of my world in this program!”

- Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Participant

2. “It is now snowing and very cold.  To do this activity I asked permission to enter the sacred natural space of my backyard.  It was much quieter today, no birds chirping.  I was immediately attracted to the gently falling snow and how peaceful it is.  My hurt webstrings took joy in this because for so long in my life I could not find peace.  I thought of myself as unworthy of being loved, a very imperfect being.  That often played out in my relationships with others, especially men, because I never felt good enough for my father.  As I have learned to love myself and accept my natural self, I could see myself as one made perfect in nature, and love that person.  I can truly see myself! 

Through the consent activity, I entered my backyard with its permission.  I was immediately attracted to a leaf on the tree.  It seemed to be in the shape of a heart.  I looked closer, well maybe not, but backing away it was a heart to me.  Labeled? I can label that leaf because I've learned what the shape of a heart looks like, yet in actuality a heart isn't even shaped like that.  This activity was powerful for me because as I read the rationale for doing the activity I wasn't even feeling any connection, and so I hoped by going outside something might happen.  I saw the heart-shaped leaf, but still felt no connection.  It was interesting that as the connection developed everything, above, slowly unraveled for me, and I know now why I was attracted to that leaf. That is the reward provided by webstring connections that is the overlooked secret of nature. 

I find that at my very core, I want to live in the heart of nature.  For so long I've lived not where I truly felt I belong, but instead where I thought it best to meet people.  I guess I was afraid to be alone, but now I am afraid to live so disconnected to nature, to live so far from my destiny.

My natural self, the girl I love is the girl who takes joy in every aspect of the natural world, the one who lets her spirit be free and interconnected with the universe.

What has stuck with me the most so far throughout this course is to ask permission and gain consent, then give thanks.  Doing these things make you feel like you are equal to everything that lives with you here on earth.  When I call each sense a “connection” or “natural attraction” this makes me feel like we (the leaf and I, the mountain and I, ect... are equal) we need each other to survive.

- Journal of an Anonymous Webstring Participant

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In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

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