TOPIC: Help Wanted: Organic Education Counseling and Healing with Nature Online. Too often troubles and debts result from our leaders socializing us to obtain emotional fulfillment in excessive, expensive and irresponsible ways. Deep, renewing satisfactions that remedy this are always available, free of charge, through sensory nature-connecting activities in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. Learning and teaching these organic activities enable us to benefit from the grace balance and restorative powers of natural systems within and about us.



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Out of habit, most of us suffer disorders because, from early childhood on, our leaders socialize us to believe a critical lie. Do you, or others you know, suffer from this practice? A remedy for this hurtful distortion is readily available.



This page offers valuable rewards to individuals who recognize four basics of Organic Psychology:

1. We are part of nature and it sustains the global life community without producing our garbage, disorders or abusiveness.

2. Natural systems pervade nature and are self-correcting. They recycle, purify and nurture wherever they flow.

3. We excessively suffer our disorders because we don't connect with nature's grace, balance and restorative powers to help us remedy our troubles.

4. We spend, on average, 98 percent of our life indoors, separated from nature. To our loss, our thinking and feeling are extremely disconnected from nature's healing ways.







































An Organic Psychology Report from an Online Course Participant

At sunset I went out to my garden. It was cold but the snow had melted enough to expose some of the river rock I had interacted with in the summer to create a waterless waterfall. I picked up about six of the volcanic rocks. They were cold and their gentle weight in my hands felt somehow reassuring. With my eyes closed, I selected one to interact with carefully. Placing the rock back in the pile, I found it was easy to identify my selected rock through touch only, because the rocks were so varied in size and shape. Even so, I felt privileged to be spending time with them and feeling of their attraction energies, as if from the original volcano itself.

I decided to try the activity again but this time with Granite stones of similar size and shape to see if I really could identify the selected stone by touch. I knew this was going to be more difficult, so I took more care in getting to know my selected stone. Its discernable features were its total smoothness, its flat, elongated, rounded triangular bottom, and off-centered, pointed, dome-like top. (Funny how I identified parts of the rock as its top or bottom. It occurs to me that rocks do not have a top or bottom- only my stories about them do.)

Trying to identify my selected rock when I put it back into the pile was more difficult this time. But I was able to pick it out. I felt excited to have been able to identify it, not so much because I won the game, but because I felt as if I was reuniting with a lost friend. I felt honored to interact with it and experience the wonder of how it came to be and how I happened to be privileged enough to be alive to appreciate it.

As Einstien said from our reading, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

I discovered that each sense is a vital way to know life and to be alive. I feel more alive since doing this activity. In nature centered thinking, it is very important to honor natural sensory communication, even though it is mostly nonverbal. I am discovering a growing sense that there is wisdom in the rocks that is available for us to receive, if we are willing to be still and listen.

The 53 senses list said "Touchy feely, hands-on connecting experience in nature, not this list, catalyzes personal wisdom, growth, and balance." I was fascinated by the list- but it was the interactive nature of the activity that helped me to understand and internalize what the list was endeavoring to teach. I would be very saddened to have these sensory nature attractions taken away from me. This is why I am so grateful that nature is teaching me how I can help renew it.

This activity definitely enhanced my sense of self-worth and my trustfulness of nature. The part of me that was re-educated by this activity was my sense of "gratitude". I recently saw a video called "The Secret", which interestingly enough discusses the creative possibilities of aligning ourselves with the attraction energies in nature. In the video, one of the people interviewed spoke of carrying what he referred to as a gratitude rock in his pocket to help him remember his sense of gratitude. I decided to do the same with my selected rock. Retouching the rock throughout the day, helped me to get back in touch with my gratitude. Interestingly, as I held it, it seemed to absorb the warmth of my hands, until it was even warmer than my hands. It then warmed me in return. And so it is with gratitude. When we give or express our gratitude, gratitude returns to us again, but in ever more abundance.

This activity has the power to improve our relationships through the realization that when we give or express our gratitude, gratitude returns to us again, in ever more abundance. I have felt more grateful for the gift of life today.

My husband saw me carrying my selected rock and asked, "What's that?"
"A gratitude rock," I said simply. Having seen the video with me he seemed to be intrigued. But we just smiled at each other, as we each got in touch with our gratitude. Thank you- dear rock.

I placed in my trustable, uncontaminated thought and feeling room space my selected rock. I can see its color, its rounded corners. I can feel it weight- as well as its ability to absorb heat and cold. I can sense its energy and wisdom. It is a reminder that I can trust my gratitude.

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally receive from natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein.