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An Organic Psychology Report from an Online Course Participant

"Speak to the Earth and it shall teach thee." - ......- Job 12.8

I followed my dog, Jerry, down a path into the south woods. It was such a neat path, and it looked as if he had followed it more than once. Following it now, without him in sight, was a delicious secret, as it would be to be invisible and watch him on his forays. At one point it passed under a low X created by 2 saplings that crossed about 20 off the ground. In my mind,s eye I saw him passing through, choosing, of all the places he could, that spot.The first place I chose to sit looked like a good one at first. Then I set about trying to get situated on one cut stump, of a cluster of three, that was about 3 feet off the ground. Boy that was awkward trying to get up there! So at one point I relented and said to myself, "What a metaphor. This can,t be the most attractive place to be right now if it,s so hard to get on, and once I am, it,s not much better."

So I continued on along Jerry's serpentine path, and it led me to exactly the spotAn initial attraction which crescendoed...see it, brush off the snow...look into the hollow core...sit down...look ahead...AHHHH YES. It took actually sitting down on that stump before I knew what feeling would come over me there. At that moment of realization, I thanked whatever force, whatever energy, pulled me over there to it. From there I could see such a tapestry of forms and angles and shadow----all the hills and valleys and draws of the woods that are so hard to see when the trees are fully leafed out were revealed in a new way to me today. The very bareness of winter was the lens of my delight. Again, the contrast of upright listening trees and their shadow playsuperimposed on that interplay was the weaver, Jerry, only-a-dog-knows' awareness manifested as paw-packed serpentines.

Does it make sense for you to feel peace and happiness? When I am in this place, of course! This is peace and happiness. It was here, and brought me to it.

Does it make sense for people to feel a local-global-personal unity? Not only sense, but without it, we will not survive as a species on this earth.

Does it make sense for you and others to experience NIAL? When you experience NIAL and trust it, your senses make new and bigger sense.

Does it make sense to support the wrangler and ongoing war against NIAL? No. To make sense, to support senses and make sense ultimately means that only life supporting choices are reasonable.

What kind of life/world would I want for myself then?

Last night my daughter Hannah and I went to see a friend,s slideshow of a trip he took last summer to visit all kinds of ancient sacred sites. Many of the famous cathedrals and monasteries there were built on ancient Druidic and goddess-worshiping sites. The small towns and villages we saw in these regions have, of course, lots of old stone buildings. They are so beautiful, so human scale and warm looking. The earthen materials and the lack of space allocated to the automobile have a lot to do with that. Hannah leaned over to me at one point and whispered, "We have no aesthetic sense in this country! True, our cities don,t feel like that, and that is important to me. Living in a place where nature is highly accessible, or at least where I feel more like a guest in it, rather than the other way around. Living in community with others who have similar feelings. Being involved in providing for our basic needs of food and shelter. Being in close relationship with other animal beings. Working with our hands in the crafting of something either functional or artistic. Reaching out and sharing these very fulfilling parts of life with a larger community. Music and dance and spiritual practice are all integral parts of this community. Elderly members are not held separately from the rest, but kept within the life of all ages and goings on and many contribute to their care and have training in this skill. People eat together and take time with that, and care. Value is placed on dwelling together often, simply being in the space, more so than folks do now, where the 40+hour work week rules. People are not afraid of hard physical work, but neither are they afraid to spend an hour resting in the grass in the middle of the day. Or taking 4-6 weeks off to travel somewhere or tend to a personal creative project, or simple hang out with their children in a more relaxed way thank they could it everyone was 9 to 5 burdened. I guess my preferred world would generally be a whole lot less enslaved to competition, consumption and production than the one most of us live in.

I discovered that the wind above, the silence below, the stillness below. helped me feel completely present. Trusting attractions yields awareness and clarity, at least eventually.

Something that really took hold of me from the text I read: "They (students who do PNC activities) find something outside themselves that is actually a truth within themselves." This has been true so many times for me, that following attractions in the moment increasingly, in quietude and solitude, brings clarity and insight.

I also liked, "Before I became enamored with the natural world, I felt ungrounded. Most things seemed expendable, including the environment and me." I could say a variation of that is true for me. These two years of intentionally working at connecting with the non-verbal world of nature around and in me has given an importance to the present moment, present awareness that was not there before. I feel my desire to hone that has grown immensely.

After my time on the old oak stump, the delight and good feeling stayed with me for a long time. Reflecting on it, bringing the scene back into my mind, I experienced that same good feelings over again. I wanted all the members of my family to go down there too and see what they experienced. I am working on them one at a time.

I learned not to doubt that what you seek is seeking you.

Ronnie emailed me: "I liked this: Experiencing nature's essence connects people compassionately removing all war thoughts and actions against each other calling on a sort of spiritual authenticity in those moments. It connects people compassionately. Not only the connection gets made, but it has real quality. I also have the same pull to the river and your words describing what it offers are just right.

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In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally receive from natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

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