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Downloaded from Chapter 17. Reconnecting With Nature  Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Self, Meet Yourself

The characteristics of a person and Earth are so identical that one can sense Earth to be alive and sentient.

The way we are wrangled to think in industrial society makes each of us as a god. Only our new brain has the power to imagine a disconnected story on our screen of consciousness and then transfer that story onto the face of our planet and people, Every other species survives through the cooperative consent of their environment rather than through disconnected dominating stories.

Disconnected from nature's flow, we think up our runaway technological world along with its troubles.

One way to act reasonably is to use the power of sense of imagination to help us reconnect our thinking with the wisdom of the global life community. Our new brain becomes more consenting to make sensory connections with Earth when it recognizes Earth acts like a sensory reasonable living being. To this end, I offer your power of imagination the following guided journey.

Do this forty-five to sixty-minute activity in a natural area, when possible. Go on to each new point only after you savor each point you read.

•    If possible, go to a natural place that includes a large scenic area.
. Now in your imagination, sense and feel your essence, your personal nameless, intelligent, attraction love (NNIAAL Unified Field) and then become it.

•    Imagine trickling down cracks and fissures in Earth's surface. Go deeper and deeper toward the middle until you situate yourself in the nucleus of an atom in the heart of Earth.

•    Now slowly follow your attraction to enjoy and support the global network of sensory attractions that attach that nucleus to itself...its atom...its surrounding atoms...nearby molecules...and materials.

•    Expand yourself along these attractions as you sense them, becoming larger and larger, filling up Earth, becoming all of Earth, including its atmosphere...a 10,000 mile nameless global being held together by NNIAAL. You are all of the life of Earth.

Sense yourself. Give your new brain permission to learn from your human life about the planet's life and vice versa. As time permits, find an example in nature for each of the following paragraphs during or after this imagery:

  • Sense yourself as a feeling, an attractive intelligent desire to relate through attractions. You are rewarded by each relationship's attractive greater stability and gratification.
  • Let your hands touch each other, and then your face. By reasonable affinity sensations like touching, tasting, smelling, and hearing, not by words, do you, Earth, know yourself and survive.
  • Feel yourself as an intelligent symphony consisting of infinite numbers of interconnected attractions interacting, attaching, and building over the eons.
  • Press your hands on your temples or chest and enjoy sensing your heartbeat. That pulsating tension-relaxation essence of your life still beats as it has since your birth billions of years ago.
  • Welcome the sun's presence. Inhale sunlight and feel good about creating oxygen from it. Let yourself hear and feel your breathing.
  • Thank your planetary breath for being, for circulating air through plants, animals, water, and minerals, making their lives and your life possible.
  • Feel the sun becoming warmer and you cool by sweating thunderstorms and hurricanes. Imagine fanning yourself with Arctic air or cooling off with an Arctic ice-water bath.
  • Feel great about erecting an umbrella of clouds or an array of sunshine reflectors made of daisies, snow, or glaciers.
  • Feel hungry and satiate your hunger with sunshine.
  • Sense your lips drying. Lick them with rain to make them feel moist. Put your arms around yourself Savor being embraced by the universe and yourself.
  • Feel relieved that you have organ systems satisfying your need to excrete. Compliment yourself for discovering how to recycle your excretions into healthy food and water that are safely reused. Cherish your life-giving respiratory processes as you slowly decompose and metabolize.
  • Relish your sexuality, your planetary attraction for life to continue. Applaud yotirself for being a fertilized, growing egg of the universe.
•    Feel an overabundance of saliva in your mouth. Swallow it like the planet swallows carbon, salt, and methane to regulate the levels necessary for life's maintenance.

•    Luxuriate in the harmony within you and knowing how to maintain it by altering yourself continuously.

•    Honor yourself as a womb of life; feel the excitement of an expectant parent as each new moment dawns.

•    Revel in the gratification of inner and outer companionship, a sense of place, support, and belonging; a sense of being whole and important for life's existence.

•    Celebrate being something very worthwhile. Rejoice that your survival attractions validate all your natural processes; you are never bad, wrong, negative, or evil.

•    Feel nurtured and nurturing. Feel musically harmonic, like a simple folk song or a symphony. Enjoy your music as natural sounds, including the quietest sound, like silence and the loudest sound, like thunder. Hum the note that you feel you are.

•    Feel wonderful that you are conscious to enjoy all these aspects of your survival. Be happy you are them. Delight in their consciousness of you, their consent for your benevolence, leadership, and wisdom.

•    Feel secure that even as you sleep, the life process maintains itself in celebration of you.

•    Resonate in the joy of creating new organisms and life systems that share, support, and enjoy your life, that enrich life for others.

•    Honor yourself for brilliantly establishing life over the ages without using written words, numbers, machines, or money.

•    - Revere your ability to heal yourself when you are injured or under our society's cultivation's stress and tension.

•    Feel ecstatic because you consist of ever-adjusting attraction relationships that release tension.

•    Revel in looking out into the stars and sensing the wonder of looking deep into yourself and your attractive beginnings.

•    Cheer being mostly illiterate and not subject to disconnective stories.

•    Thank creation for having created your enchanted life and potential for enjoyment.

•    Welcome the delight of your essence. Exhale and do not breathe. As you hold your breath and the discomforting tension builds, know that you are experiencing your global survival voice, a sensory language that knows neither words nor concepts.

•    Celebrate that it tells you to become aware of other comforting
attractions now and reconnect to them.
  • Feel safe knowing that beyond yourself is an attraction force that loves you, that reveres your importance, that insists you breathe even if your "story" tells you not to.
  • Now inhale and feel the delight of releasing tension, of reconnecting to your integrity by breathing.

  • Appreciate that you breathe both air and sunlight.

  • Feel powerfully confident knowing that your universal attachment language of tension building and tension release dance communicates growth and survival for every single entity in your global life community. Appreciate that the good feelings you get from being at one with yourself express the global community's consent and thanks for you to be in the next moment.

  • Feel exhilarated by the pulsating signals between yourself and the moon, sun, and universe. Enjoy the tickling of your tides, the streaming of your rocks, and the volume of your volcanic burps.

  • Feel honored and cherished that your survival is the basic origin and purpose of the thousands of differing human cultures.

  • Love life, because you are life.

  • Love the purpose of life: to support life.

  • Relish feeling unity as you enjoy all the matter and forces of yourself that are manifestations of your attraction to be alive.

  • Feel the pleasure of unconditional companionship, that whatever happens to you as the planet, also happens to you as a person and vice versa. Other than your human ability to know language, you and Earth are identical.

  • Adore that as a living organism you maintain your life by relating to the surrounding solar system and universe. Feel gratification as your being flows and bends with its fluctuations and forces.

  • Feel the bliss of yourself as a global organ community exactly like your human organ community. Hold in esteem that counterparts of your kidneys, liver, pores, stomach, and heart exist in your geography. Delight that habitats function not only as homes for their creatures, but also to sustain your global life attractions.

  • Cherish how your metabolism is driven by ingesting the sun's high energy radiation and excreting low energy.

  • Feel wonderful that your ocean's kidney is the activity of the continents, oceans, and corals. Welcome their attachments to each other in warm shallow inland seas that evaporate water into the atmosphere and crystallize out excessive salts and sediments.

  • Thank glacial melt and water storage for helping to stabilize your salinity.
•    Appreciate the tropical rain forests and phytoplankton for acting as kidneys to cleanse your atmosphere, to remove carbon dioxide from it.

•    Value that continents and atmosphere are your liver and store minerals and gases that nurture you.

•    Celebrate that your lungs are plants living in the land and sea. Be in awe that they breathe in sunlight and carbon dioxide and let you feed yourself oxygen and water vapor.

•    Savor your circulatory system of ocean and atmosphere currents, the rain and rivers. Delight that they distribute your nutrients and help regulate.your temperature.

•    Hold in esteem your digestive system's love to erode rock with lichens, wind, and glaciers.

•    Indulge in the beauty and color of deserts, volcanoes, and clouds. They are the skin, pores, and blush of your body.

•    Savor the purity of the solar wind plasma and lymph that bathes you.

•    Rejoice your rotation causing the heart-pumping action of daytime and nighttime temperatures. Feel in awe that your angle to the sun and your orbit around it creates seasons, polar ice caps, and equatorial tropics. Feel the pleasure of heat differentials producing your circulation externally and internally.

•    Feel the bliss of your musculature, your flowing inner core, and continental movements.

•    Be proud of your skeletal system of continents, mantle, and mountains.

•    Thank your beaches for acting like flngenails, protecting your weaker coastal lands from wind and wave.

•    Appreciate your skin-healing scars and scabs, your hardened volcanic plugs and lava flows.

•    Enjoy your mental energy's networked nervous system of electrical, hormonal, gravitational, and magnetic attractions. Celebrate its interlocking fluctuating community sensory signals that interconnect all aspects of yourself

•    Delight in your forests of hair that insulate and protect your body.

•    Feel the glaciers as molars grinding rocks to dust, which the wind spreads to make fertile soil to feed the planet.

•    Trust your endocrine systems of climate and weather patterns, which balance hot and dry, wet and cold.

•    Feel the pleasure of your oceanic rifts regulating your temperature and salinity as they alter the size and place of your heat-collecting oceans.

•    Honor the attractive creation force that created your attraction to live.

•    Relish your breath of 5,000 miles of layered atmospheric and stratospheric gases, magnetic lines of force, radioactivity, and electrical waves. Appreciate how they cope with the solar wind and universe for you, and the plants, animals, and minerals that live in you, not on you...that are you.
  • Revere your spirit's desire to relate beneficially to every entity of your being.

  • Feel secure in your wisdom of billions of years of knowledge and relationships of your parts as their attractions perpetuate and regenerate you.

  • Thank each of the fifty-three natural senses for the sensible guidance they offer and good feelings they give you when they are fulfilled. Savor people as an embodiment of you, feel the pleasure of being more conscious of yourself through their symbols and images. Appreciate doing that right now as you read.

  • Be ecstatic that your consciousness makes you aware of the feelingful callings of your global life system's ways for your survival. Thank your sense of consciousness for cooperatively growing with the life community.

  • Honor the global community for consenting to your being. In return, give it the priceless gift of your consent for its being.

  • Thank yourself for inventing natural senses that let you sense and natural feelings that let you feel.

  • Enjoy that you were naturally intelligent enough to invent good feelings so that you know when you are supporting the global life community because it feels good.

  • As a final image, fly out from the Earth, look back and celebrate our planet as the womb of life as we know it. Look closely, and mixed in with its flowing placental clouds, continents, and waters, you will see your adult self, safe and secure. Rejoice that today, you, others and Earth still share the same NNIAL heartbeat. As we touch Earth, we touch each other. Thank that image and thank its good feelings for being there for you.
Activity 17
Nature as Guide

As in this chapter, Earth itself can be your guide. Go to a large attractive natural area that you can walk through. Ask for its permission to become involved with it, gain its consent to help you with this activity. If the area remains attractive, thank it and learn to let Earth guide you. Safely trust its attractiveness. For eons it has shown that it knows how to harmoniously build community and beauty.

This activity asks your new brain to open to this natural area's callings by following the natural attractions there that spontaneously attract you, rather than by seeking attractions you expect to find there. Your new brain choice to do this is critical. It takes a risk. It thoughtfully, respectfully permits and enables nature within and without to take the lead, to momentarily guide you. That is natural wisdom in action, how nature works. This process naturally connects your new brain with immediate callings from Earth to your inner nature's sentient attractions and desire to be part of nature. Thank it for doing that. This process is not a surrender. In the light of the troubles emanating from our excessive separation from nature's workings, it is a reasonable, intelligent new brain act. You mentally enter and, in trust, sentiently seek nature's wisdom. You discover that your immediate natural attractions may differ from the attractions in your preconceived new brain story. In addition, your attractions change to fulfill your inner nature's moods and needs moment by moment.

Spontaneously following and enjoying natural attractions enhances your new brain's ability to trust sensory messages from the natural world via your inner nature. That trust encourages the new brain to validate these connections. Thank your natural senses for helping you reach green in green. Too often in today's stressful world, we do not choose to responsibly make space for reconnecting, seeking, and thanking natural attractions and their good feelings. They need our new brain support to feel safe from wranglers.

For fifteen minutes or more walk through this natural area by continuously following immediate natural attractions. Let the sentient callings of the next immediate attraction guide you. Immediately thank each calling for existing, guiding you, and giving you good feelings.

Some participants' reactions include:

"This natural area feeli like a web of interconnecting sensations right now. It feels really good."

"Life feels honest. The woodland feels like an extension of myself, like it's actually me."

"Thinking of plants and animals as relatives goes beyond metaphor. I genuinely feel related to them. It feels better than I can remember feeling about my stressful family at home."

"The realness of my natural attraction sensations makes it hard for me to believe that the rocks and trees aren't sensing something too."

"I felt like I was a compass needle swinging towards the nameless attraction connections in the area, yet they responded to what I was. I was hot, so water's coolness attracted me."

"It feels like my life is a gently woven knot consisting of the sensory strands of nature."

"I see that connecting with nature takes place only in the moment and what I consciously or unconsciously need in that moment determines what attracts me and then fulfills me."

Write down the three most important things you learned from this activity. 

What effect does this activity have on your sense of self-worth?

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An Overview: Our 54 Sense Life of Earth Intelligence

The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN)

  • My senses of hunger, thirst and suffocation signal me that I need water, food and air. They attract me to them. 
  • My senses of trust, community and thankfulness signal I have support here and now. They attract me to this relationship.
  • My senses of reason and language say that it is self-evident that the six senses (above) help me make sense.  This attracts me to their reasonable story.
   My sense of reason also works off a story that I habitually learned to believe. It says, “We only have five senses.” 
   Now my sense of reason says, “That five-sense story must be inaccurate. None of the eight senses, above, including reason and language, are included in the five I was taught to be the correct number.” 
   I know from experience that the eight senses are self-evident and undeniable. They are biologically the built in way nature gave our nervous and other systems to register the world, they are an essence of correctness. 

   My sense of Reason now says that self-evidence shows that it is  reasonable for me or anyone else to believe, feel and act as if we only have five senses. 
   My sense of Reason also says it is reasonable for you and I to be reasonable if we don’t want to increasingly suffer the consequences, a major consequence being Earth Misery Day. 

Today, the reasonable updated story of the senses is that scientifically, we are naturally born with at least 54 natural sense groups that make us aware and attach us to the life and self-correcting balance and beauty of the natural world, in and around us.

Our 54 senses are designed to help us consciously register the life of our Planet, from womb to tomb.  When we do so we are in tune with, and can live in balance with the life of Earth in and around us, rather than trespass it.  This is because when signals from Earth register on our senses, we react accordingly when they are reasonable, and vice versa.  Each sense motivates because it is its own, special organic love to survive, moment after moment.

We suffer our disorders and dilemmas because
1. We are born with the natural 54-sense ability to live in balance with the life of our Planet

2. From our birth on, we are socialized to think, feel and relate through 15 percent of our 54 senses.  In addition, for 99 percent of our lives our socialization attaches us to our indoor world’s material science and technology facts and inventions along with indoor rules and imaginary metaphysical stories. We seldom learn how the whole life of Planet Earth is operating, in and around us moment-by-moment.  This part of our socialization is a sickness known as Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) or as Natural Attraction Dysfunction. 

3. We habitually operate with an Idiotic Whole Life Intelligence IQ of 15 due to NDD and this explains many dilemmas including Earth Misery Day.  NDD habitually motivates us to excessively disconnect from, exploit and conquer the life of Earth’s balance and beauty in and around us. We seldom eliminate NDD because it gives us a salary to corrupt the natural world. It also profits the folks who sell us our immediate satisfaction stories and the other things we depend on to relieve our pain from our corruption. Most challenging of all is that NDD teaches us to deny its known origin and remedy.
The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) helps us remedy NDD. It enables us to create moments in natural areas that let Earth guide and teach us. These moments provide, at will, a safe space for #1, above, to come into play, our buried, but alive, reasonable 54-sense ability to live in balance with the life of our Planet. 

ECHN works because anybody can make its process and benefits part of their daily life and livelihood.

READ: The Story of ECHN an article about the process of creating moments that let Earth teach.


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