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May 9, 2010
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Psychologists and Educators Honor Mother's Day with Regenerative Gifts for People and Mother Nature

For Mothers Day, healing, regenerative, environmentally sound nature-connected activity gifts that are both ethical and transcendental have been made available to counselors, therapists, healers, educators and the public at http://www.ecopsych.com/mothersday.html



Mothers Day, May 9, 2010: Environmentally Supportive Online Gifts help Caring People Honor Mothers, Motherhood and Mother Nature

A half a century ago, Walt Kelly, through his cartoon character Pogo, said of Mother Nature's alarming deterioration "We have met the enemy and he is us." Today, our human and earth mothers continue to face this profound problem complete with all its detrimental effects. So how, on this Mothers' Day do we determine, and deal with, the part of us that is the enemy to human and planetary motherhood without feeling threatened by the implications?

For Mothers Day 2010, Dr. Michael J. Cohen at Project NatureConnect has announced that an available resolution to this conundrum has been found. And it is essential to our future because even now, 42 years after Silent Spring, scientists are reporting:
--levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have jumped abruptly
--marine "dead zones" are on the increase
--mental/emotional illness is increasing and ranks second in the burden of disease in market economies.

On this Mother's Day our human and planet mothers are at risk, along with us, their children.

Cohen, author of "The Web of Life Imperative" says, "These maladies have a common cause; they result from the part of us that is the enemy, the part that continues to be separated from the inherent nurturing, health and productivity of mother nature and the teachings of any other good mother."

"Neither natural systems nor mother nature-connected societies/cultures produce the acute problems suffered by our contemporary society," say Cohenm. "It is the separated ways from mother nature in which we learn to think that causes these troubles. It is essential to begin to recognize this in a deep and broad way because the way we think is our destiny and the destiny of mother earth, too." 

Statistics show that more than seventy percent of the population are now in counseling programs, self-help groups or therapy of some kind. There is great dis-ease in our culture and mother nature. Every leader and a citizen has the responsibility to use their talents and influence to help our society and planet mother. The Project NatureConnect tools to help us do this are readily available as gifts this Mother's day.

Via Cohen's Mother's Day web site, the tools enable our psych to genuinely tap into the regenerative healing and balancing powers of mother nature. This thinking/feeling reconnection to nature's peace and healing powers helps us to reverse many of the problems we cause and thereby increases personal and environmental wellness. The tools are a beautiful, appropriate gift for Mother's Day, the essence of a bouquet of wildflowers.

Cohen says the nature-connecting process helps us walk mother nature's socially and environmentally responsible path to rewarding and renewing relationships and livelihoods. Deep down, isn't that really what our human mother wants for each of us and herself?

Details are found on the following web pages:



Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.
Director. Project NatureConnect.


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Cohen, at his Project NatureConnect website (http://www.ecopsych.com) shows that profound nature-reconnecting techniques are readily available to the counseling, psychotherapy and healing community. He said, "Their use helps us reverse our destructive trends by helping us enjoy lasting nature-connected rewards that support us and the environment. That is the same organic process practiced by the animal and plant kingdoms. Without creating pollution or garbage, that process produces and sustains nature's wellness and healing ways."

"This Mother's Day is the time for concerned therapeutic and healing individuals to begin to use their special expertise to the welfare of nature and humanity," says Cohen. "To accomplish this they need the support of environmentally caring people and organizations. Through organic, nature-connecting tools, therapists can address our immediately rewarding but long-term detrimental ways of thinking to which their clients, as well as they, have become bonded. http://www.ecopsych.com/2004earthday.html.

Cohen notes that, "Environmentalists must find within themselves the wherewithal to understand and support the therapeutic community in its efforts to produce an ecologically sound mental environment. In addition environmentalists can, to their advantage, use these new mental-environment improvement tools as part of the environmental movement and education. "Today's increases in global warming and oceanic dead zones demonstrate that the nature-detached thinking we have used for the past century can not accomplish what we need to do"

Cohen says that, "Because we are part of nature, nature itself has the power to help us modify the harmful bonds or our deeply rooted conditioning, our nature-conquering prejudices and our nature-destructive rewards. This is because we inherit our ability to build emotional, often subconscious, bonds from nature. Without enlisting nature's help to transform our detrimental bonds into constructive relationships, it may not be possible for us to produce the social and environmental wellness we need, the wellness that supports all of life."






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