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Introduction to the OP/NAE Journal 

"Natural attraction could be written with capital letters for it is a proper noun, a one-of-a-kind expression that goes back to the beginning of time as we know it.  However, it is also a verb, a continually active state of being that is a central part of all of creation and things.

Natural attraction energy has unique attraction properties of its own.
Found everywhere in the Universe, it not only holds things together, it originally puts them together in ways that sustain balance, purity and diversity.

Humanity's best scientific evidence to date indicates that some 14 billion years ago, natural attraction fulfilled its "desire to be" by manifesting itself as energy. It became something like the "Big Bang," and that became the beginning of nature and time as we know it.  Since then,
throughout its eons, natural attraction has further manifested itself as strings, sub-atomics, atoms, the Universe and this moment in time, including us.

Natural attraction is the binding, purifying and restorative essence of nature that is found in all space and things including love, ourselves and our psyche.

Natural attraction relationships have created and sustained us, including our genetics, to exist and be what we are, along with, and part of the rest of the web of life.

Scientists identify natural attraction as a unified field. Albert Einstein noted that, "The field is the only reality."  However, we learn, for monetary profit, to be unrealistic with regard to the field and its balanced and beautiful reality models for sustainable living that are self evident everywhere we look in nature. 

Too often we learn to be destructive with regard to the natural attraction reality and the amazing grace of nature's unified field.

We suffer disorders, large and small, because we socialize our thoughts and feelings to conquer, omit and demean
natural attraction. We estrange ourselves, especially our psyche, from this essence of nature's regenerative powers.  

We have become insane. It is madness to expect to live in balance when we, from birth on, continue to excessively separate from, exploit and destroy the life of natural attraction and its attractive ability to create and sustain balance and purity.  

The life-deteriorating warp of the map we are programmed to think with addicts our thinking to warp the environment and humanity, including ourselves.  It's like thinking that we can retire because we believe the "To Who it May Concern" email informing us that we have inherited a billion dollars. 

The nature-connecting practice of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) provides us with a new map, an antidote for our warped dilemmas.

The OP/NAE journal is dedicated to publishing the hopeful results produced by individuals who engage in the sensory science of reconnecting their thoughts, feelings and spirit with the self-correcting and balancing ways of natural attraction that flow in, through and around us."

- Michael J. Cohen, Editor


In its description of an ongoing forty-five year study, Dr. Michael J. Cohen's book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) not only identifies, but also provides a remedy for, the underlying problem that causes Industrial Society to uncontrollably deteriorate the natural well-being of personal, social and environmental balance.

  • The problem: Industrial Society indoctrinates us with an unspoken and distorted prejudice against nature and the ways of natural attraction.  
  • The remedy: engage in sensory nature-connecting activities, backyard or backcountry. The activities help us love and support how the natural attraction essence of nature works as it flows around and through us. This contact helps us transform our "prejudice against" into an "attraction to" nature in the environment and humanity.

ECHN defines our prejudice against nature as "An unreasonable pre-judging attitude or story about nature that is, due to bonding, unusually resistant to rational influence." This is the hub, the basic heart disorder that organic problem solving must transform.  It accomplishes this transformation by enlisting the  powers of the unified field, the natural attraction balancing energy that builds and sustains our universe.

ECHN shows that sensory nature-connecting activities are a powerful antidote for our prejudice. They help us renew our suppressed natural attractions, our inborn love of nature and its healing flow. This enables nature to organically recycle and transform the prejudicial pollution in our psyche into constructive and sustainable relationships, in and around us.  


Natural attraction is a verb because it is constantly engaged in "doing" just about everything.

Although the origins of natural attraction "energy" may never be known, scientific studies observe that since the beginning of time in this universe, the life, intelligence and consciousness of natural attraction has organized itself and grown to become the essence of nature's mutually supportive and balanced relationships.

Natural attraction flows into, forms, becomes and holds together everything, from strings and sub-atomic particles to atoms to materials to galaxies. This process includes humanity, our genetics and our psyche. Like everything else, we, too, consist of atoms originally made by natural attraction relationships in stars.

  • Every 5-7 years of our lives, all the atoms in us are replaced by new atoms from the environment.
  • All the space in and around us is filled with attraction that holds everything in the world together.
  • We and nature are natural attraction in action. We are part of natural attractioness and identical with nature, with one exception.

All things, including consciousness and our psyche consist of an interconnecting, natural attraction unified field. 

Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology (OP/NAE) recognize that as part of being both human and nature, humanity inherits the natural attraction ability to be conscious of, and think in balance with nature's interconnected ways. We are biologically gifted with the vital ability to register these ways as our natural attraction senses and sensations. This fact is as real and true as is any other scientific fact.

For example, the sensation of thirst as well as the material called water are both facts.  Thirst tells us when we need water and attracts us to drink it.  This makes thirst, water and ourselves be part of the global water cycle as well as be conscious that we are part of it.

We often overlook that self-organizing natural attraction relationships produced the atoms involved in senses and sensation (genetically) like thirst, water, ourselves, the water cycle, consciousness and connectedness.  Our additional 52 natural senses are similarly engaged in different forms of contact with nature. Each and all of them help us consciously connect our psyche and thinking to the whole of life.

Industrial Society, on the other hand, too often teaches us that we know and learn with only five natural attraction senses. Thirst is not one of them. Neither is temperature or hunger, or community, place and trust.

Due to our indoctrinated insensitivity to most of nature's attraction sensibilities, our thinking and psyche are addictively conditioned to deteriorate personal, social and environmental well-being.  For this reason we produce and suffer the insanity of our non-sense and disorders.  They were not present before contemporary humanity came into the picture.   

OP/NAE recognizes that until the appearance of humanity and its foreign-to-nature, literate story way of knowing and relating, the heart of nature organized and corrected itself in non-literate, non-story, natural attraction ways
, to the benefit of all. 

Natural attraction is the hub and essence of how nature, since the beginning of time, has produced its balanced and pure optimums of life, diversity and cooperation. We are part of nature, we inherit this ability. However,
Industrial Society in its runaway quest to conquer and exploit nature for profit, programs us to disregard nature's organic intelligence and restorative natural attraction powers. Protectively, we bury these sensory attraction powers in our subconscious.  There they remain, overwhelmed and hurt by our false and exploitive, indoor, "abstract story" way of knowing.

Today, we cannot automatically think and feel with our inherent natural attraction sensibilities. Instead, they lie imprisoned, abused and wounded in our unconscious. To bring them into our awareness often is accompanied by us becoming conscious of, and feeling, their pain. We usually avoid doing this, when possible.

Industrial Society prejudicially programs us to believe that "progress" and "civilization" flourish by conquering nature, not by thinking and feeling while in conscious sensory contact with nature's natural attraction flow, in and around us.

The process that is offered by OP/NAE and this Journal gives us a remedy for our learned prejudice against nature.  It provides us with a tool that enables our innate natural attraction thinking and feeling abilities to directly tap into nature's attraction essence in natural areas and interlace with it there. It helps our mentality get back to our unadulterated roots in the web of life. This works because nature's essence is the natural attraction fountainhead of authority about how nature operates in balance and beauty, without producing  garbage or our abusiveness, disorders, isolation and environmental deterioration.

The Journal of OP/NAE publishes the original written results of individuals who engage in sensory, nature-contact activities that help them connect their body mind and spirit to the balancing flow of natural attraction in natural settings. Anyone who has had a renewing or uplifting experience in a natural area can recognize the value of this connection and its restorative properties. However, most individuals seldom learn how to lastingly retain, relish, teach and strengthen the process to further reap its benefits forever. The mission of
OP/NAE is for its articles to encourage these folks to engage in the nature-connecting process, reverse our disorders, and help increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

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