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Special 2007 Tenth Anniversary Update




Are you benefitting from the grace, balance and restorative powers available to you by thoughtfully reconnecting your mind with nature?

Most of us have been conditioned to ignore over 50 natural sensory connections, sensitivites that help us share nature's beauty health and regenerative ways. This omission underlies our excessive stress and disorders.

Organics work! The Organic Psychology chapters and activities in Reconnecting With Nature help our 53 natural senses strengthen the corrective flow of natural systems through our psyche. The systems, in turn, compost and transform industrial society's pollution of our mind and heart into personal, environmental and spiritual well-being.

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Reconnecting With Nature provides a critical missing link for achieving personal and environmental well-being.


We produce and suffer dysfunctions whenever the ways of industrial society disconnect us from the purifying global flow of nature. Today, severely deprived of this flow over 98 percent of lives, our psyche stagnates. It pollutes our thinking and feeling, many disorders result.

Nature recycles contamination. Personally and professionally we must help our thinking and feeling benefit from the grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems that we learn to block from our mind. This book provides sensory nature-connecting tools that help us achieve this goal. We recyle back to health the contamination of our individual and collective psyche.


Reconnecting With Nature increases our well-being through six major facts of life but only when we recognize them. Do you?

1. Nature is perfect. While it cooperatively sustains balanced optimums of life and diversity it produces no garbage.
The self-correcting ways of natural systems give nature this extraordinary power. They organically decompose and transform any destructive waste products into life-supporting energies and materials.

2. All of life contains the corrective flow of natural systems. Too often we forget that this includes the life of our psyche and thinking.

3. To our great loss, in industrial society natural systems seldom recycle the contaminated or deadened areas of our psyche. This is because in industrial society we live excessively nature-separated lives. Throughout 98 percent of our lifetime our separation from nature blocks the corrective flow of natural systems in our psyche. Our thinking and feeling lose beneficial contact with the regenerative ways of natural systems. For this reason they become polluted.

4. Most of our wide range of personal, social and environmental disorders results from our polluted thinking and feeling.

5. Backyard or backcountry, the sensory Organic Psychology tools in Reconnecting With Nature help us reconnect our psyche to nature. Because the tools enable us to genuinely bind our thinking and feeling to authentic nature, natural systems resume their vital flow through our mind. They restore our natural ability to think, feel and relate in conjunction with the wisdom of the eons.

6. If we don't use Organic Psychology, even when we visit a natural area our relationship, technology and money problems continue to fill our mind. We continue to think out of tune with nature and our problems continue, too.

7. Organic Psychology helps us revitalize our thinking and feeling. Even a short walk in the park initiates this process.




- Dr. Mardi Jones

In the natural world, and nature connected people, too, at least 53 natural web-of-life sensitivities help create and sustain balanced community relationships. In this nurturing way, nature avoids our runaway personal, social and environmental problems

Our nature-separated lives train us to suppress our 53 inherent natural senses. While most of us have little idea of what they are, the frustration of these senses degrades our thinking and feeling. Without their transformative ways entering our awareness, our mind and relationships lose the fulfilling inspiration, intelligence and joy found in nature's purity. Always dissatisfied, we want and need more of everything. This is a major source of many troubles.

Reconnecting With Nature empowers you to participate in the Organic Psychology of the Natural Systems Thinking Process. It teaches you how to scientifically heighten the enjoyment and knowledge that eminates from helping natural systems renew your natural sensory self.

Dr. Cohen's pivotal work shows how to use 24 sensory nature reconnecting activities to recover and energize our natural sensitivities and make greater sense of our lives. The process enables us to enjoy the happiness, beauty and connection to Earth that only our senses and sensibilities offer. As the activities restore the benefits of our natural senses in our consciousness, our spirit soars and disorders subside.

In 30 days, master a nature reconnected way of thinking that feelingly unleashes into our awareness the power of our inherent, but suppressed, inner nature sensibilities.

This book's Applied Ecopsychology formula is a practical, accredited process that lets nature nurture and teach. s Visit our online outcomes page and its links for a documentation of this book's extraordinary effects.

Reconnecting With Nature is a companion volume to The Web of Life Imperative. Its benefits are guaranteed when these book are used in conjunction with the accredited online Organic Psychology training course Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship.



"Dr. Cohen's compelling application of ecopsychology connects us with the often ignored source of spirit and wellness found in nature. His deeply felt chapters catalyze conscious sensory contacts with the natural world and bind us to energies that heal our deeper being."

Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.
Researcher and bestselling author of RecoveringThe Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search.

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1) Learn how to increasingly think with and enjoy the vibrance of nature's wise diversity and beauty.

2) Discover lasting support and resilancy through your sensory and spirt connection with the outdoors.

3) Resonate in the integrity of our living planet and sustaining it.

4) Celebrate love you can trust.

5) Peacefully dissolve stress.

6) Understand the evolution of Western Civilization's adversarial nature paradigms and break free of them.

7) Learn to creatively blend the sensory ("old brain") and cognitive ("new brain") aspects of experience to sustain balanced emotionality and relationships.

8) Gain the cognitive skills necessary for you to tap into the web of life and "higher power" webstrands found there.

9) Learn to let your path to unity guide you.

10) Increase your ablility to make a difference.

Reconnecting With Nature is a self-guiding text used for applications of, and courses and degree programs in:

Environmental Ethics, Education and Spirituality
Webstring Relationships
Nature Interpretation
Conflict Resolution
Dependency and Abuse Recovery
Personal Growth
Natural Science

"Dr. Cohen offers an environmentally sound, hands-on educational process that reduces apathy, catalyzes peace and promotes mental health. It fulfills our personal and economic needs, deeper ideals and spirit. His work deserves the attention of every person who seeks to reverse our troubles."

Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor of the University for Peace, United Nations, Assistant Secretary General Emeritus of the United Nations; the recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Peace Prize and UNESCO prize for peace.

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Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. has been living, learning and teaching in the outdoors for over 35 years. He has founded the Natural Systems Thinking Process of Organic Psychology and the environmental sensitivity degree programs at Trailside Outdoor Camps, the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute, Lesley College Graduate School, and Project NatureConnect at The Institute of Global Education, a special NGO consultant to the United Nations Council on Economic and Social Development. Cohen has directed the Department of Applied Ecopsychology/Integrated Ecology distant learning degree programs at Greenwich University, the International University of Professional Studies and Akamai University and serves as adjunct faculty for accredited courses at Portland State University. These programs are dedicated to produce socially and psychologically responsible environmental education. Dr. Cohen is the 1994 recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award for his work in refining wholistic methods to help people consciously reconnect with and benefit from nature. His many articles and books include The Web of Life Imperative, Well Mind, Well Earth, Einstein's World and How Nature Works. He currently lives and teaches on San Juan Island in Washington State.


"A remarkable book: a do it yourself ecopsychology process that enables any school or individual to build responsible community and environmental relationships. It's a must for educators who want to engage students in meaningful education filled with concern for creation."

Miriam Weinstein, author of the Random House Princeton Series:Making a Difference College Guide


"If the higher purpose of literature is to provoke thought...then Michael J. Cohen has written a masterpiece!
"Reconnecting With Nature" is as provocative a book as this reviewer has seen. It is about awareness..and enlightenment and enablement. A brilliant book for all seeking renewal in our relationships with our environment and our selves!

Cohen makes us aware of our situation in a bold, forthright yet compassionate fashion. He then shows us that the circumstance is not only solvable...it is do-able. Then he gives us simple, practical, webstring solutions to enable us to find our way back to the loves, truths and integrity that some of our Native American forebears lived, daily.

Reconnecting With Nature is a waker-upper! Michael J. Cohen has sounded the alarm, defined the problem and given us the tools to put out the fire."

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews,

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