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Reconnecting With Nature

Finding Wellness Through Restoring
Your Bond With The Earth

Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.



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In backyards or backcountry savor the fun adventures of a lifetime. They begin in a natural area where we learn to follow 53 sensory callings from natural attractions. Safely, these attractions break through limiting walls of our thinking and bring us to hidden attractive valleys in our mind. Here we discover an imprisoned essence of life inside ourselves and help it reconnect it to its ancient home and origins in nature. This nurturing reconnection enchants and energizes nature's vibrant, fulfilling spirit into our consciousness and thinking.

Discover how to further enjoy your connections to nature's dancing energies, balance and beauty. Learn what even Harvard University won't teach you, how to let life help you feel stronger about life and make things naturally go better

Learn how to promote self-improvement. Our excessive separation from nature creates an inner void that produces our insatiable wants. Our unfulfilled wants stress us. They fuel our greed and our stress related personal, social and environmental disorders. We feel we never have enough. From your home, gain the expertise to let genuine connections with nature reverse this destructive process in yourself and others.

For fun, growth and profit, master thoughtful sensory activities that demonstrably center and renew us, that dissolve stress by lastingly satisfying our deepest natural loves, wants and spirit. Empower yourself to let the attractive wonders of nature pull you out of the shadows of disorders and discontent.

Explore new, nature-connected, interpersonal skills, thinking, and techniques. Use them to help yourself and others tap the "higher power" wisdom of nature anywhere.

Heighten your inherent sensory awareness:
Let nature help your spirit soar.
Recapture nature's balance, peace and beauty.

Restore vibrant connections with the Earth.
Discover the supportive energies in nature's wonders.
Strengthen and increase the resilience of your natural self, your inner child.

Learn a nature centered hobby or livelihood:
Applied Ecopsychology increases wellness and creativity. You may learn and teach this accredited healing process for
an enjoyable and profitable livelihood. Let contact with nature help you build rewarding, sustainable relationships for yourself and others

This program is designed for:

--teachers, students and parents,

--counselors, outdoor and recovery leaders,

--nature enthusiasts, social and mental health workers,

--persons involved in self-improvement, hospice and stress management.

Optional academic or professional credit is available through home study. Distance learning degree programs are available.


"This fascinating literary work recycles your thinking. Cohen goes beyond simply exploring a relationship between psychology and ecology. He lets the natural world give us new ways to reason and consciously participate in our relationship with nature within and around us. His activity options provide discovery, education and emotional support as you do them. Even youngsters learn,enjoy and teach reconnecting with nature through the internet."

Chuck Lynd, Education Forum Administrator on the CompuServe Network

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From Psychology Today April, 1994
"Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. pioneers a synthesis of ecology and psychology he calls Applied Ecopsychology or Integrated Ecology. Cohen demonstrates that both the destruction of the Earth's environment and people's isolation, stress and dysfunction stem from a fundamental denial of our connection to nature. And by reconnecting with nature, in backyards or back country, we reverse our disorders.

Cohen and his project are not lone hunters of the bond between man and nature. According to Pulitzer-Prize winning sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D., of Harvard, people have an inherent biological need to be in contact with the out-of-doors. He and many other experts find that nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction."

"Reconnecting With Nature enables us to support and apply our good judgement, innate knowledge and visions for a better tomorrow. Here is an environmental educator who teams up with Earth to create a vehicle of hope."

Dr. Charles Yaple, Director, Coalition for Education in the Outdoors

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From Prevention Magazine March, 1997
Walks have taken on a whole new dimension...thanks to some activities I learned from Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. when he recently met with several Prevention staff members. Dr. Cohen practices and teaches applied ecopsychology, a new area of psychology that views people as profoundly affected by the natural world. He taught us some activities that felt so relaxing and inspiring that we asked him to help us design some for you...They are like one-a-day nature vitamins. They help you recognize more strongly, through direct experience, you're a part of nature, not apart from it...They help people make a profound connection between their psychological health, their sense of well being and the health of the environment around them by becoming aware of all the sensory experiences nature offers."


"This book gently blends wholeness and critical thinking. It offers the powerful dimensions of intuition and sense of place to those who want to support responsible action toward the natural world. The multisensory chapters are plain fun, involving for both adults and children - skillfully connecting our minds with our experiences, and opening our awareness to the lessons of nature."

Shann Weston Project Wild coordenator, Oregon

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FromThe Electronic Green Journal February, 1997
"Can one simply revert back to nature sentiently and be healed? Cohen has managed to craft an essay that does a good job of explaining why we must all bring our 53 subdued natural senses back into consciousness. His optimism and fervent belief in this message permeates every paragraph."


"This timely sound theory and well grounded experience demands its use by enlightened people. I find its personalized sensory-focused activities gently, safely lead adults and children back outdoors. It should quickly become mainstream in any society struggling to find connectedness and meaning in life for it allows the natural world to nurture a responsible growing edge of culture."

Bill Hammond, Director of Education, Lee County, Forida

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