GUARANTEED: If you respect Nature, this website offers you the missing link that helps you discover how Nature sustains its perfection -and life as we know it- without producing our garbage, pollution, abusiveness, war or insanity. Learn how, as part of Nature, you can teach yourself and others to tap into this link, support Nature, and enjoy peace.

FREE:A Nature-connecting course online enables you to begin to restore 53 natural senses that help you make more sense of your life. The process empowers you improve your thinking, wellness and relationship with the environment and people. The course also offers counseling and educating with Nature income producing opportunities as a component of any profession.


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Subdue Terrorism: A Free, Nature Connected, Psychology Course Online Enables People to Responsibly Respond to Key Life Relationship Questions.


Client: "My problem is that I always talk to myself."

Counselor: "Not to worry; most people talk to themselves."

Client: "But Doctor, you don't know what a horse's ass I am."

"The state of the world shows that most of us are ding dongs with respect to building peaceful, environmentally and socially responsible relationships. Where then in our irresponsible society can a person find a responsible source of information?" That is the thrust of a free, online, nature-connected psychology course designed by Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director of Integrated Ecology at the Institute of Global Education, a special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. There, Cohen, an Ecopsychologist, serves as faculty to three online Universities.

"To the natural world our 'progress,' our excessive technologies, pollutants and lifestyles, are terrorism," says Cohen. "They are an invasion of Nature's perfection, intelligence and integrity. We have learned to disrespect life, and as part of life, ourselves and each other. That promotes terrorism and many other 'unresolveable' problems. The course reverses that trend."

The online course at provides links to free knowledge and processes on the web that make responsible life relationship information readily available.

Course participants trust the information the course offers because, unlike hearsay or book learning, they experience it first hand to register its truth. They accomplish this by making genuine sensory contacts with intact ecosystems, backyard or backcountry. Improved wellness, personal and environmental relationships result from this connection.

The free course addresses twelve significant questions we face that underlie our unsolveable problems. "Our biggest problem is that we blind ourselves to our inherent problem solving ability." says Cohen, author of many books on the subject. "Our troubles persist because we learn to ignore a vital source of ecological information in Nature that enables us to resolve them."

The questions:

ENVIRONMENT: Since we are part of Nature, what is the major difference that makes us destroy the environment while everything else in Nature enhances it?

SUSTAINABILITY: Can you cite a model, community or process that successfully produces sustainability?

ACCURATE INFORMATION: What is the greatest truth that you can trust (hint: it is neither God, love, nor honesty.)


PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS: What produces the wanting void in our psyche, the discomfort, greed, and loneliness that fuels most human and thereby environmental and social disorders?

SPIRITUALITY: What is the sensory relationship between Nature, the Divine, and the Human Spirit?

EDUCATION: If we learn how to be who we are, what factor in modern education teaches us to produce our lasting problems?

RECOVERY: What important source of healing energy does our cultural bias omit thereby sustaining our dependency upon healing programs and uninformed educators?

ECONOMICS: What is the force that produces environmentally and socially destructive economic relationships?

STRESS: What is the difference between a fact, a thought and a feeling?


WAR: Why do we continue to assault nature and people when it doesn't make sense and we neither like doing it nor its hurtful effects?

INTELLIGENCE: How can we restore to our thinking the missing 48 sensory intelligences that contemporary society has buried in our subconscious?

NATURAL SYSTEMS: Why does contemporary society often identify a person's love of nature as "escapist recreation" rather than "peaceful re-creation."

IMPLEMENTATION: What readily available, inexpensive, process enables us to strengthen our inherent ability to build relationships that reduce these problems?

To discover practical working answers to these questions the Institute invite people to read a short article and/or take a short, accredited, online course

you may take the free exploratory course online at your convenience.

We are building income producing agreements with persons or organizations that would like to add a financially, socially and environmentally responsible educational component to their professions.

Dr. Cohen may be reached at 360-378-6313,


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