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A Nature Connected Business Opportunity Helps to Dissolve the Roots of Terrorism.

Could you please help us help you and all of us?

We are building contractual agreements with persons or organizations in the business community who would like to add a financially, socially and environmentally responsible educational component to their business. We seek this alliance because there is little difference between how we terrorize each other and how we terrorize most other members of Earth's life community.

If Nature could speak it would tell us that our "progress," our excessive development, pollutants and lifestyles, are terrorism. Their destructive impact upon natural systems are an invasion of Nature's perfection, intelligence and integrity as a community. We know that this terrorizing of nature makes little sense but we can't stop because since we are part of nature we have in the process terrorized our ability to think clearly.

We have psychologically learned to disrespect life, and as part of life, part of ourselves and each other. We have polluted our natural intelligence; we must restore it. There is a readily available psychological solution for this personal and global problem. However, most of us are trained to ignore it so the problem continues.

Be alarmed. On average, 99.99% of contemporary thinking is disconnected from genuine sensory contact with authentic Nature and its peace. This has painfully dismembered the peaceful, nurturing intelligence and sensitivity we inherit as part of Nature. That intelligence when connected to nature prevents acts of terrorism between members of natural systems. You don't find terrorism in nature or nature connected people (Finding food is not terrorism.) For the same reason, neither do you find our garbage, abusiveness, war, stress or mental illness.

Can we afford to leave any stone unturned in lastingly resolving the terrorism tragedy?

At the Institute of Global Education, we demonstrate that abusiveness of people and/or nature results from the nature disconnected way members of contemporary society learn to think. To turn the tide we have designed and operate an accredited, readily available, educational process that enables people to nurture back into their consciousness this missing link in their mentality. You can incorportate this process as a component of your organization or professional life. The process is growing. It has quintupled its sales in this past six months while making a vital contribution to this and future generations. It is described at and its link at

Are we today not simply reaping what our nature-disconnected thinking has sown? This proposal offers you an excellent opportunity to right our wrongs personally, locally and globally. The Institute's environmentally and socially responsible schools, curriculums, degree programs, books, courses, workshops and radio station can become a valuable financial and "responsible image" component of any interested business, education, counseling, or recreation program. These programs enable individuals or organizations to genuinely reconnect their thinking to nature and reap the benefits thereof while responsibly producing income.

The statement below is attributed to Albert Einstein and Albert Schweitzer. Were they both wrong?

"Our task must be to free ourselves from (our) prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

If from our web pages you understand the value and process of the nature-connected education and counseling tool we have developed, we invite your participation in this business proposal. Thank you for considering it.

For Unity,

Michael J. Cohen

Institute of Global Education
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  NOTE: The best way to learn the process is to engage in it through our online Orientation Course. From ten sessions over 35 days you will enjoy many benefits it holds for you and the world you love ($35).