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The Nature Sensitivity Training Center

at Snug Harbor Resort, San Juan Island, Washington.

Sensory Ecology Activities, Courses and Degree Programs


The Snug Harbor Sensory Ecology Training Center offers an easily learned and taught nature connected webstring sensory process all year round. It is an ecotourism option available in conjunction with the internet, while vacationing at Snug Harbor on the San Juan Islands, or at home, work or school. The program consists of fascinating nature psychology activities, courses, (academic or professional credit is optional) as well as distant learning Ph.D., M.S. and B.A. degree programs.

Backyard or backcountry, this applied ecopsychology program feelingly helps people discover and replace missing webstring links in the nature estranged way our society teaches us to think. Because it removes psychological bonds that hold us to destructive, change resistant ways, a workshop or stay at Snug Harbor can add a valuable extra dimension to your vacation, career or education. Learn how to use a Natural Systems Thinking Process .that improves relationships with self, society and Earth. This process helps people thoughtfully create moments in which conscious sensory contacts with nature:




-dissolve our bonds to destructive relationships.

-help people sense, honor and enjoy creation energies that we share with the natural world.

-safely nurture and bring 48 suppressed natural senses into our awareness and thinking.

-enable us to sensously relate with the purity of nature's unadulterated wisdom, love and spirit.

In conjunction with Project NatureConnect, training and educational opportunities at Snug Harbor enable people to genuinely sense the web of life and its balanced, supportive ways. Teachable moments with Earth itself help us reduce our stress, recycle our destructive thinking and enjoy responsible relationships. In this process, all things become unifying instructors and partners for personal, social and global healing.

Special programs for organized groups are available by appointment.

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In thanks for considering this aspect of Snug Harbor, we have a fun and enlightening nature experience gift awaiting you here on the internet.

You may explore and become involved in NatureConnect activities via the internet before or after you arrive for a workshop or vacation. We invite you to visit the following internet sites:

The Mindreading Camera

A short self-discovery course

An online nature connected distance learning program


Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Director




..Join us on our electrifying path at Snug Harbor.........it's not shocking....


Define Your Vacation

Snug' Har~bor 1: peace, quiet, a comfortable bed, marine and shore activities, profound nature connections, island discoveries, a warm campfire; a great place to stay, play and learn.



 Located on Mitchell Bay, overlooking Haro Straits on the west side of San Juan Island, Snug Harbor is a one stop resort, marina and nature-sensitivity training and healing center. It has everything needed for a relaxing, enjoyable vacation that can include increasing your knowledge of many ways contact with nature helps sustain wellness and makes life more worthwhile.

The cabins are cozy, equipped with essentials, and non-smoking. Waterfront and forest campgrounds are available, the staff friendly. With pristine island attractions and environmental sensitivity classes available, day by day you can tailor your vacation any way you choose. Easy and relaxing, watch bald eagles soar, motor or sail for fishing or whale watching, sea kayak while getting closer to nature. You can have some or all of it all at Snug Harbor.




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Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Telephone: (360) 378-4762
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