The Mindread Camera



Mindread Camera Results


The camera sent data to us that says you have selected this site because you

.....would like to find additional job and other fulfillments economically, socially and personally. greater opportunities in your strong areas of interest.

.....want to satisfy your deeper dreams, hopes and ideals.

The camara data also says that with respect to the future, you don't have much confidence in

.....feeling safe.

.....the environment adequately improving.

.....feeling part of a supportive community.

.....being secure economically, in a peaceful world.

.....electing the leaders we elect.

The Mind Reading Camera is offered on this website to help you further examine how you think and what you want as well as how to achieve your deeper ideals, hopes and dreams. It does this because the destructive effects of our thinking on the state of the world show that we are not making sense in many areas, yet we seem to be unable to improve the way we think.

The Camera's data leads us to believe you recognize that the way we think is missing something important. No other species, and most nature-connected cultures, do not adversely impact people, the environment and Earth as we do.


Select Here if you want to use the camera to explore a major flaw in contemporary society's thinking and how to help correct that flaw in yourself and others.