Political Lies Produce Lethal Person/Planet Consequences


A GreenWave Unity Revolution builds relationships through 54 natural love truths that we all inherit and share.                                                             


August 18, 2016. Friday Harbor, WA. The votes have already been counted and the results are in. The acclaimed winner of the Twenty First Century’s award for the most honest politician in the world today is nobody.

We cannot get blood from a stone. As if scientific facts do not matter, politicians along with most leaders continue to promise better times through economic growth. However, since 1975, the life of Planet Earth as a resource for our “better times” has daily sunk deeper into deficit.  Simply stated, “better times” cannot be achieved under present conditions without increasing the wide range of disastrous effects that they now produce including climate change.


We increasingly suffer our troubles because we are rewarded for living on borrowed time. This year, 2016, Earth Overshoot and Misery Day arrived on August 8. It is the date that Planet Earth runs out of the materials and energy that we need for the health of our body, mind and spirit for the rest of the year.

The diminishing ability of Earth to support its life affects every part of the Web of Life, including us. Close to fifty percent of the resources and species that existed in 1975 have today disappeared. During this same period mental illness has doubled accompanied by increases in violence, drugs, cancer, mistrust, addiction, poverty, global warming and corruption.


Scientists at the Club of Rome observe that we need another half-sized planet like Earth to plug into the life of Earth and replace its ongoing losses from our runaway excessiveness.  Nobody knows where such a planet might exist or how to attach to it.  Meanwhile we ignore the known cause and cure for our resource bankruptcy.

Our limited satisfactions from anxiety-producing resources and relationships motivate or addict us to want more of everything. This form of madness erodes Nature’s resilience in and around us.


We are surrounded by lies because we have learned to attach ourselves to scientifically inaccurate stories instead of to the self-correcting ways that the wisdom of Nature’s intelligence works. Our lies deny that Nature and we are identical except that we have the ability speak, to communicate through stories. Our lies also omit that our stories destructively socialize us to think and build relationships using only 15 percent of the 54-sense love of the whole of life that we hold in common with the integrity, balance and beauty of Nature, in and around us.


Emotional fulfillments from 54-sense thinking and feeling in natural areas, backyard or backcountry, are readily available as remedies for our runaway planetary and personal demands. They enable us to enjoy interlacing our 54 senses with the organics that we need to reverse our disorders and to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. Uniquely, Project NatureConnect provides warrantied and subsidized, online methods and materials to this end. They are brought into play by GreenWave Unified Field activities when they are applied to any moment of our life, past or present.  Its process is described at www.ProjectNatureConnect.net


A United Nations Office of GreenWave Relationships proposal supports increasing global community of individuals who want to learn to live by the facts and sanity of the GreenWave Equation while helping others do the same. You can join them.

“Learning to think and speak while connected to the Dance of the GreenWave Unified Field helps us communicate with the whole of life and its history as part of the attraction/love essence of our personal life in any moment. The Dance attaches us to all past and present leaders, deities, stories, senses, facts prophecies and relationships in the history and life of Planet Earth. While we lovingly dance as 54-sense equals with them, we update them with our advanced science and technology prowess. This enables our GreenWave dance, moment-by-moment, to unify, transform  and produce responsible tomorrows in peaceful balance with the whole of life.”

Michael J. Cohen


Verify the twelve scientific truths that, to our loss, our leader’s misleading stories dismiss or ignore. They are identified in each of these webpages:


Support the UN Office of GreenWave Relationships proposal by participating in it or earn a degree in helping others and Earth benefit from it.

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