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The home and origin of EcoArt-Therapy,


Have you ever felt the overpowering peace and hope of a sunrise? Do you find the sound of waves rippling gently against the lake shore soothing? Do you feel cheered by the voice of a songbird or the green sense of Spring?


Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

  • Empower yourself with the ways and means to correct our damaged planetary roots.
  • Get out of denial. Recognize that our corrupted life foundation stories underlie our misery and unsolvable problems. We give you the sensory tools to remedy this corruption.
  • Stop your addictions. Achieve authentic, reality-based recovery. Learn and enjoy Nature as higher power.  
  • Use and teach our funded, accredited, heart-felt, 54-sense courses, degrees and career training mission programs that optionally help you achieve certification and BS, MS, Ph.D. Degrees online. 
  • Participate in the Revolutionary Wisdom one-book revolution.


ECHN is the art and science of creating 54-sense moments that reconnect us with the life of Earth in natural areas so it may re-activate its self-correcting powers within us.  We then best recover from what ails us as we happily solve problems great and small.

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How to make the life of Earth and its people stand and be heard. Remedy the source of our/your/Earth’s evisceration.


We suffer our problems and pain because our education denies this scientific truth

As part of the life dance of Nature and Earth, moment-by-moment, we have fifty-four, self-evident natural senses that are attached, (by Albert Einstein’s scientifically validated, space/time Unified Field), to all that has preceded us and all that follows us. Our senses that have been wounded by insensitive or abusive relationships remain wounded. We feel and act out that hurt until we learn how to create space for these senses to reattach to the healing wisdom of their origins in Nature’s self-correcting balance and beauty, backyard or back country. This reunification transforms our pain into the recuperative joy of personal, social and environmental well-being.


Nothing personal but Get Real. You don’t live on Planet Earth

You live in the life of Planet Earth, not on it, You live under its air, clouds, birds, insects and wind born organisms. You live in its Biosphere, in its healing and self-correcting flow of life that loves your life because it loves to live as you. You are a hologram of it.

The life of Earth is attracted to dance through, around and as you. You are embraced by your inherited fifty-four natural attraction senses that happily bind you with Earth’s wisdom, moment by moment. The unified, relaxed feeling you get in a natural area is the whole of your natural life having the courage to express itself because it is in connected with and supported by its origins. To our loss, our society has postured itself and you to conquer, exploit and abuse that happy wisdom. Most corruption and personal abuse you have experienced results from this onslaught; it erodes your/our ability to trust most relationships. You may falsely believe that this is the normal way the natural world works and therefore fear it.

Do you ever enjoy a peaceful visit in a natural area? Did you ever learn that joyous, euphoric feeling is your real self and that our society continues to assault it so your ability to relate in balance with the world is and remains hurt and broken? Genuinely connecting with authentic nature helps you remedy this ailment. It gives you the lasting transformation, resilience and peace that you deserve because your life, as part of the whole of life, is sacred. Child or adult, that connection rapture empowers you to protect and redress your life from ignorance, abuse and violence.

While connected to any natural area or thing you can tap into the restorative bliss of the life of Nature/Earth and stop living the nature-disconnecting lies that underlie our corruption, mistrust and discontents.


A Fifty-Four Sense Organic Technology of Behavior

Help create peace on Earth through peace with the life of Earth, in and around you.

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Reconnect Now

To remedy our personal and global disorders we must use this authentic contact process. It helps us learn from Earth its story of how its self-correcting ways work so we can enjoy and support its balance, purity and beauty, in and around us

New: Free Guidebook 

The essence of education, counseling and healing is to give people the things they need in order to grow into contributing and wholesome members of their society. To achieve this, what was needed in ancient times has little in common with with what is needed now.  Continue

Holistic Art and Science 

Without producing garbage, Nature creates optimums of life, diversity, cooperation, balance and well-being while our society detaches over 98 percent of our life from this wisdom. This makes us produce and suffer a runaway, natural resource, species and mental illness catastrophe.




 How Why and When
We are bonded to our established science, thinking, economics, ethics and morality even though they are the source of earth misery and overuse. There is little evidence of their presense in pre-human history.


     Opportunity Index
An Annotated Index and Contents of ProjectNatureConnect Key
Website Topics. 
Empower yourself to increase personal, social and environmental well-being through conscious, sensory, whole life connections with the Unified Field


  Legal Rights For Nature
Under Investigation: the violation of constitutional and human rights due to the disintegration of the life of Planet Earth because disturbing psycho-emotional,  nature-alienating experiences produce our destructive relationships and violate our  rights to life, health and property,


Sensory Research

To help us build  reasonable relationships Organic Psychology offers certified sensory methods and materials that reduce Earth misery. Why wouldn’t you use them? They are nature’s  homeostatic remedy and preventative for what ails us.


Courses and Degrees

Project NatureConnect academics interlace our mind with the wisdom of natural areas. This bond adds an extraordinary strength to our online accredited courses and degrees that add sustainability to a wide variety of education, counseling and recovery programs.


Einstein’s Unified Field

Our Great Sensory Equation Dance: The Life of Albert Einstein’s Grand Unified Field in  Practical Reality.  One of his final requests was for some notepaper and pencils so he could continue to work on his elusive unified field theory. He died a few hours later and his contribution lives forever.


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Project NatureConnect.com
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Email: nature@interisland.net  Telephone (360) 378-6313   www.projectnatureconnect.net

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