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Mother Earth Sensory Attraction

MESA is a proven, psychologically based force for personal and global peace. It improves the Earth estranged way we learn to think by tangibly plugging our psyche into the wisdom, balance and beauty of how nature works.



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MESA exists because we recognize that an unseen, undeclared war underlies our personal, social and environmental dilemmas. The preliterate natural world, (including the sensory 90 % of our mentality that is not verbal) is being uncontrollably abused, conquered and managed by a globally disconnected, but technologically self-empowered, part of the literate world (The 10% of our mentality that thinks in words and stories and acts from them) (1). (Numbers in parenthesis link to documentary studies and further information on the topic)

MESA recognizes that over the eons of creation preliterate communication between all beings has reigned. This has beautifully produced the optimums of life, consensus, diversity and balance found in nature. It has done this without creating the garbage, pollution, war, abusiveness or insanity produced by the literate world. MESA recognizes that biologically and psychologically we inherit this preliterate, Earth bequeathed, wisdom.

Our great dilemma is that part of the literate world has addictively empowered itself to take over our consciousness and deny the value of the preliterate world. It omits the preliterate world from our thinking by burying it under a word/label into our subconscious.

MESA finds that on average, we spend less than .000022%, of our lives in conscious sensory contact with nature. The extreme sensory deprivation produced by our separation from our preliterate origins has produced a blind spot in our mentality, one that short circuits our thinking. It bewilders us (separates us from wilderness) to the point that we try to resolve our problems by using the same nature disconnected thinking process that causes them.

The average "civilized" person spends over 95% of his or her time indoors, disconnected from tangible sensory contact with the web of life. Unlike us, other species and nature connected people seek, rather than repudiate, sensory contact with the web of life. The result is that they neither demonstrate nor produce our runaway dilemmas. They nurture, rather than deteriorate, Mother Earth and each other.

MESA asks two vital questions of you:
Is any part of you concerned that the literate way you have been addicted to think is so destructive that it is placing Planet Earth and its people at risk?
Do you recognize that until this changes, moment by moment the way you think helps create the problems that plague us?


The purpose of MESA is:

Purpose 1. To identify and bring into political and institutional leadership positions consenting individuals who have learned to think and relate in globally balanced ways. These individuals are not necessarily people interested in holding high office. Rather, they are people who have demonstrated the skill to help our literate thinking plug into nature's preliterate world. This skill dissolves our psychological bonds to nature disconnected stories, substances and relationships that deteriorate Earth and ourselves (7).

MESA recognizes that consenting support for globally balanced leadership is refreshingly different than the runaway hunger for power and money that governs us today.

Purpose 2. To make readily available to the public a Natural Systems Thinking Process that lets sensory contact with nature help us restore in our thinking the preliterate, Earth bequeathed, intelligence, peace and wellness that every species, including ourselves, inherits. Individuals who learn to promote and teach the Process are sought and supported in leadership positions. (2)


Where do you fit into MESA ?

The answer depends upon how you think. Does your thinking recognize that:

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process


To think that we can resolve our dilemmas by using the same nature disconnected process that produced them is a form of mind pollution. We need to reconnect with nature and let its purity recycle our contaminated thinking.

Natural Systems Thinking Process helps you genuinely reconnect to nature.

NOTE: The best way to learn the Process is to engage in it through our short, online Orientation Course. You may then intern and later teach the course if you choose.


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