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Institute of Global Education
A special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council





Goal and Objectives

The goal of the Institute of Global Education is to educate those who desire to participate in a world where peace is a way of life. Individuals will be empowered to cultivate an attitude of world citizenship where international thinking is the norm. We live in a world of abundance in which we need to improve our skills for accomplishing the many changes needed to correct inequities and shortages. Students and participants will acquire the knowledge to make the connections to promote food sufficiency, to initiate local programs that will reverse environmental degradation, to mentor social justice, and to maximize self realization within the global community.


The original name, World Peace University, later the University of Global Education,was incorporated December 12,1980. Non profit status under USA 501 (c) (3) regulations was granted March 1, 1984.

Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature: The Institute of Global Education Department of Integrated Ecology, established October, 1986, conducts online Organic Psychology training and academic courses, certifications and programs in Applied Ecopsychology and Integrated Ecology through its subcontractor, Project NatureConnect . It provides psychologically responsible, environmentally-connected, learning that helps participants cooperatively increase their marketability, credibility and effectiveness. Its Organic Psychology and other learning courses (nature-connected education, counseling and healing ecopsychology and Natural Systems Thinking Process, whose transferable courses, credits and degrees are granted through cooperating universities,) are taught via the internet and email. Department director, Dr. Michael Cohen, has been indentified as a maverick genius and holds workshops throughout the USA. All these activities are part of the student organized cooperative and distance learning program of the Institute.

The Institute of Global Education, through Lifeline to the World, operates Mucherla Global School in Mucherla, India. This elementary school uses the World Core Curriculum developed at the Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas, the environmental work of Dr. Cohen, values curriculum from Pertavi of Italy, and other state-ofthe-art curriculum.The school is designed to provide an educational opportunity in a multicultural environment for children from impoverished rural India.

The Institute of Global Education, has published several significant books including the award winning CONNECTING WITH NATURE: CREATING MOMENTS THAT LET EARTH TEACH and HOW NATURE WORKS by Dr. Michael Cohen who has also authored WELL MIND, WELL EARTH, RECONNECTING WITH NATURE and THE WEB OF LIFE IMPERATIVE. Dr. Richard Schneider wrote IN SEARCH OF RAINBOWS and IN SEARCH OF RAINBOWS II which has been translated into l'elugu.

The Institute has held several Peace and the Planet Symposiums including NATIVE WISDOM, NATIVE RIGHTS AND MOTHER EARTH which brought indigenous leaders and lay persons together from around the world.

To better reflect the goals of the organization, to fulfill the capacity for integrative education in today's society, and to deal with new regulations in the State of Oregon regarding the use of the word university, the Board of Directors changed the name to the INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL EDUCATION. This step was necessary to actualize an education process believed to be the most potent force for shaping values and to harmonizing tradition and innovation to create opportunities for global thinking and action. The name change was legally recorded in May 1996.



Dr. F. Richard Schneider has served the institute of Global Education (and its earlier names) since its inception in 1980. Previously he had served and/or directed government agencies and private social service organizations. Dr. Schneider has initiated innovative and far reaching programs for children and youth and nurtured development of global projects with and for indigenous peoples. He has taught at the university level and has extensive experience in curriculum development and program management. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences. He has developed and directed numerous symposiums and conferences. Dr. Schneider is a co-founder of Radio for Peace International.


The Institute of Global Education has created a learning experience that is global, experiential, wholistic and sustainable. So as to provide accessibility to all peoples, a pragmatic, individualized approach is used for determining prerequisites for courses. Outreach through the University of the Air assures accessibility to people throughout the world.

The World Core Curriculum of Dr. Robert Muller and others provides integral components for teaching and learning modalities. The Institute of Global Education offers the opportunity to introduce dynamic quality to education in a universal sense. Training and leadership will be provided when possible to those with interest but without the means or resources to access leading theory and strategies of emerging global unity.

Students become teachers and teachers become students. The Institute of Global Education has created a cooperative process which emphasizes the nurturing of relationships, both inner personal and interpersonal. Opportunities are provided for participation in one-on-one situations and for integration of skills on a collective global level.

A variety of internships are available for on site experience. Courses and strategies place attention on learning effective skills for empowered global citizenship. Negotiation, conflict resolution, managing change, confidence enhancing processes and peace making methods are part of the program. Skills are focused for use in local community situations.

The values that the Institute of Global Education teaches and the issues which its organizational format addresses are summarized in these words of Dr. Schneider, "Education is a potent force in shaping values and in harmonizing the forces of tradition and innovation. Educational efforts must be on a global basis and we must all come to think and act as world citizens".

The Institute of Global Education aids in the development of international thinkers prepared as empowered world citizens to make constructive and peaceful contributions to the betterment of the planet and the human condition. Today, the future of the planet and life as we know it depends on the transformation of current thinking and behavior of humankind. Developing higher consciousness as the core foundation is an effective way to create th changes needed by our planet.

Plan and Process

Emphasis is placed on self directed and participatory learning and is dynamic and wholistic. The entire process is non discriminatory, inclusive and eclectic.

The most talented professors and academics from around the world are invited to create user friendly courses. Courses are designed to provide interactive opportunities for participants. Courses are broadcast on University of the Air and are on cassette tape or mini disk. While English is the primary language, other languages will be integrated as interest is developed and'outreach is expanded.

The lnstitute of Global Education supports the work of the United Nations (UN). Coordinated efforts are made to strengthen and empower the United Nations to fulfill its global mission.

The Institute of Global Education will act as an umbrella for related effort, programs and projects throughout the world. The Institute will take a role in networking and coordinating these related works for peace and the environment. Radio for Peace International is the principal focus for connecting, coordinating and disseminating information on shortwave radio at its main radio'station in Costa Rica and through its developing regional radio endeavors.

An international think tank comprised of gifted thinkers and teachers as well as technical experts from around the world will be convened to help make the best thinking and techniques accessible to people on a global basis. The results of these exchanges and gatherings will be disseminated worldwide through journals, communications, computer networks, libraries, workshops, seminars and relevant situations.

Funding strategies are in place and are being further developed. Initial funding will be derived from endowments, from individuals and organizations and from foundations. A Board of Trustees has been established with the specific purpose of seeking funding and developing strategies for both short and long'term funding and planning.


Institute of Global Education