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Project NatureConnect

from 1986-2014 in cooperation with
Institute of Global Education (IGE)
A special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council

UPDATE:  January, 4, 2015

On June 17, 2014 without prior notice or discussion, Project NatureConnect was officially informed by the Board of Directors at the Institute of Global Education (IGE) that they had instituted a new approach to their mission, goals and programs, a direction whose stated and in-place policies were now inconsistent with their long established focus and cooperative relationship with Project NatureConnect. Through its Director, IGE stated that consequently it now needed to be separated from and totally independent of Project NatureConnect. This abrupt demand unilaterally terminated a 30 year association without alternatives, discussion or consequences being considered including the possible adverse effects that might occur by suddenly ending a three decade, friendly and supportive connection with PNC.

The IGE notice further informed PNC that, "all references to Project NatureConnect as a department, sub-contractor or otherwise affiliated with IGE and its relationship to IGE need to be eliminated from your marketing materials and website."

During the period of 1986-2014 many mutually beneficial contracts, relationships and educational materials were developed and published in cooperation with and the consent of IGE including the PNC website, numerous books, courses, bank accounts, non-profit status relationships and auspices under IGE as its widely proclaimed IGE Department of Integrated Ecology. IGE has every right to ask that these now be eliminated under their singularly determined new policies and PNC will, of course, comply with this request.  However, IGE is also responsible for the costs involved in asking us, without notice or negotiation, to make the removals and changes that they desire. The cost of deleting, replacing, modifying and then updating 30 years of these materials and contracts is still being studied. It includes altering almost 2000 pages of website information along with many publishing contracts and book copyright pages. The cost is presently well into five figures and counting. Once the total amount is fully determined PNC will invoice IGE for that total be fully paid by them before we start the costly removal and update process IGE requests of us. It has been solely the decision of IGE to take this rude and unprecedented path and IGE is solely responsible for its effects.

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature

REMOVED: [The Institute of Global Education Department of Integrated Ecology, established October, 1986,]


Project NatureConnect conducts online Organic Psychology training and academic courses, certifications and programs in Applied Ecopsychology and Integrated Ecology  It provides psychologically responsible, environmentally-connected, learning that helps participants cooperatively increase their marketability, credibility and effectiveness. Its Organic Psychology and other learning courses (nature-connected education, counseling and healing ecopsychology and the Natural Systems Thinking Process, whose transferable courses, credits and degrees are granted through cooperating universities,) are taught via the internet and email as well as on site. All these activities are part of the student organized cooperative and distance learning program of Project NatureConnect. The thrust of the program at this time is encapsulated at The State of Planet Earth and Us.

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