Holistic Science Nature Therapy Redresses/Prevents Child Abuse: Shocking Full Disclosure

Organic Psychology Redresses  Abusive relationships by helping Nature prevent them.


Scientifically, the beautiful self-correcting life of Nature/Earth’s web-of-life is also the life of humanity. We suffer because while our fifty-four senses consciously connect us, our stories teach us to deny or destroy our fiduciary relationship with the life of our planet and each other. 

Whatever happens to Nature/Earth happens to our 54 senses as well as our body, mind and spirit and vice versa. For this reason, until it is redressed by invoking its validated therapy, we try to avoid the destructive effects of painful childhood abuse, violence and misinformation. This shapes and pollutes our relationship with ourselves, society and the environment. As adults we end up doing onto others what as children we promised ourselves we would never do to anything.  

An organic form of Applied Ecopsychology Counseling and EcoArt Therapy empowers us to remedy our Nature detached misery. It helps us create whole life moments in natural areas that let the pure and balanced ways of Nature/Earth transform our fifty-four sense anguish into the responsible happiness of personal and global well-being. 

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