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Warranty: The organics of our 54 sense, Albert Einstein GreenWave unifying process empowers your integrity to make your life thrive in what you love.

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  • Add funded, sensory methods and materials to your career, livelihood and interests. Help wanted.
  • Benefit from our natural area, hands-on courses, degrees, grants and certification.
  • Accredit your life experiences and prior training. Warranty them.
  • Enjoy the art and science of our BS, MS, Ph.D. holistic Biocentric Core Ecotherapy Curriculum. It is the whole of life dancing to its own balanced and beautiful music. Your skills, interests and love are invited to dance with it.


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……..Project NatureConnect has created a 54-sense Albert Einstein Grand Unified Field Equation tool as a hands-on, “GreenWave” problem solving process. This attraction-based technology enables you to let Nature unite people, places and things past and present, as only Nature’s attractiveness can. Even children learn and teach its organics.

        Do you recognize that in our falling-apart world we desperately need to enlist the powers of Nature’s unifying ways?  Now is the time to take advantage of that energy. Let authentic sensory connections with the natural world scientifically contribute to your personal, social and environmental well-being. Benefit from your self-evident experiences and sensibilities strengthening your integrity and help others do the same.


The Respected Island

In the State of Washington, USA just off the shore of San Juan Island National Park at its English Camp is Guss Island. It consists of a few acres that are held sacred by the Lummi Native American tribe as the place that they entered the world. The island is respected and protected as such by the U.S. National Park Service, no visitors allowed. Nature alone holds the wooded island together in a peaceful integrity that includes humanity protecting it. Nature’s unifying “attraction glue” sustains the unadulterated virtue of the island and people while the rest of the world is increasingly falling apart.

Guss Island is a special organic statement. Its purity proclaims that part of the mentality of contemporary society reveres and can relate to the natural life of our Planet. Its wholeness displays the wisdom of Nature’s balance and beauty in comparison to contemporary society’s excessive exploitation of the natural world accompanied by its deterioration of places and people.

The island demonstrates what we have long known: Nature consists of a wondrous “glue” that unifies things in pure and cooperative ways that do not produce garbage. It does the same for the life of our Planet Earth island as it does for Guss Island.

Unification is the solution for most problems. It works as long as you actually apply the natural world’s “gluing power” to relationships to unify them.

As with Guss Island and Earth, the glue we need to use is the life of Nature’s unified field, around and within us, that Albert Einstein identified and the Higgs Boson discovery confirmed. It is readily available and free. We produce and suffer our unsolvable problems simply because we are trained to subdue and exploit this binding unified field attraction force of Nature rather than incorporate it in our lives as the “GreenWave”. As if placed in a zoo, once we subdue or suppress this connective desire, it is attracted to continually try to free itself so the integrity of its attraction to live, diversify and grow may be fulfilled.

There is a joke that the most ferocious animal in the world is the Tiglion, so named because on one end it is the head of a lion, the other end the head of a tiger. It is ferocious because it can’t defecate. Similarly, we are endowed with 54 natural attraction senses whose glue inherently attracts us to stay connected with the life of Nature, our Earth mother. However, these senses are unglued and blocked or cut off by our excessively nature-disconnected thinking, feelings and acts. On average, our thoughts and relationships are nature-separated for over 99 percent of our lives and we live over 95 percent of our time indoors. This severance of and from nature’s glue frustrates or wounds our 54 senses and results in our “ferocious” disorders and dis-integration. Our central way of thinking and feeling has yet to acknowledge this rift to be a psycho-emotional sensory phenomenon that demands a psycho-emotional sensory solution while the latter has been available for decades.

Any individual or organization is liable if things are falling apart and they have the glue needed to unite them and they don’t use it. That is negligence. The culprits are doubly liable if the faulty way that they continue to think and build relationships continues to make things fall apart. In this regard, over the past 50 years it is well documented that a single culprit has reduced our environmental integrity by 45 percent and increased mental illness the same amount while half of Earth’s species have disappeared. The disorders this culprit continues to inflict today are a growing misery in the life we share with our planet.

A Federal Grand Jury, presently forming, is investigating a class action claim against a prime institution and individuals who continue to make life fall apart on our planet. As part of your Organic Psychology training with Project NatureConnect, we invite you to be an online member of the action or its jury, review the evidence and benefit from the critical information it gives you to network with an extended family of other action students, jurors and witnesses. Without this culprit being convicted we will all continue to be unwitting victims and purveyors of its crime that violates human and constitutional rights along with personal, environmental and social justice.

The special report, below, is the testimony of one of 29 witnesses in the class action investigation. If it makes sense to you, you can make a difference while you study Organic Psychology.  Read the full preliminary testimony and learn how to think and act like Nature’s wisdom works. Join the action or jury and help assure that the correct verdict is reached. Doing this contributes to your personal, social and environmental well-being. You strengthen your integrity by having your personal experiences, training and sensibilities bring your life and all of life into balance and help others do the same. Its many benefits include that you can be 85 percent more together, effective and confident in whatever you do. You also can achieve a degree or be certified for sponsoring, mastering or teaching this 54 sense solution. Faculty openings are presently available, contact Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.



The Albert Einstein GreenWave-54 Organic Psychology Grand Jury Inquest

        The special report, below, is the testimony of just one of 29 witnesses in the class action Grand Jury investigation that validate GreenWave-54. If it makes sense to you, your life can improve the condition of all of life.  Read the total jury testimony. Help assure that the correct verdict is reached. Gain a degree or be certified for mastering and teaching the remarkable evidence presented to the jury. Explore the 54-sense truth that you live in, not on, Planet Earth, under its atmosphere and within the self-correcting, life-supportive flow of it biosphere.




With Social and Environmental Justice For All: The Federal Grand Jury Albert Einstein GreenWave Inquest


The Testimony of Steven Rector, GRAND JURY WITNESS 27

A Personal GreenWave-54 Field Journal Entry (with numbered links and references to additional information)

.        “While I was in a protected natural area near Guss Island, Washington, learning how to use GreenWave-54 ecopsychology, David, our mentor, introduced the four of us to it by involving us in its warrantied process (18, 7). Our exploration by experiencing it firsthand discovered that

  • Whatever our senses experience in Nature is a self-evident fact for us in that moment, a fact that we have no need to defend because self-evidence is undeniable (18).
  •  We could reasonably see that we had many more than five senses operating because we experienced, spoke and identified some of them: hearing, distance, gravity, self, language, consciousness, aliveness, humor, contrast and reason (6).
  • We could validate that nowhere here or anywhere else could we find any evidence of Nature communicating through stories or labels. This was an attribute of humanity alone (18).
  • To help us know Nature as it knew its nameless and speechless self, we spent five minutes quietly in the woodland identifying each thing that we became aware of there as “nameless” or “story-less”.  Attractive meaning and value was added to most things. We then got together and shared what we sensed and felt from doing this (22). We discovered that by dropping our labels and stories what one person said they had experienced each of us sensed as well since we were still unified in and by the forest. This made sense to us because everything is a supportive part of Nature except our nature-disconnecting stories (17).    

        We helped each other realize that our love for or attraction to Nature that we were exploring was our 54 natural senses organically registering Albert Einstein’s Higgs Boson Unified Attraction Field attracting all things into consciously belonging in the Universe’s time and space of the moment (1, 11, 15, ). Then we soloed for the next five minutes while labeling everything we became aware of, including ourselves, as ‘Unified Field Attraction Love’ (2).

        When we came together again as a group, a stronger unifying feeling was undeniable. Now our senses of love, trust, place, community and time became apparent as our forest community experience validated them. Folks spontaneously shared how this same feeling of well-being had helped them and others when they were ill or suffered disorders (12).

        We noted that some folks addict to artificially producing this supportive feeling by using drugs, alcohol or excessively dependent relationships. These detached them, short-term, from their hurtful nature-disconnecting stories and gave them relief or emotional rewards (3). However these satisfactions were accompanied by detrimental aftereffects. GreenWave-54 could replace this short circuit by supporting the health of the natural world in and around us continually. (4, 5).

      The things we discovered from this experience were

  • how amazingly diverse Nature was,
  • how we loved being aware of and in Nature,
  • how each thing in a natural area was a unique and attractive individual, including each of us,
  • how it felt good that everything was right there to experience and love in the moment,
  • that we felt relieved by not having to label things “correctly” or at all,
  • that we found many wonderful new things about Nature by removing stories and labels from them and that this made us feel closer to them.
  • that a “brightening” or vibrancy of things took place after awhile when we called them “Nameless.” We could hear things we didn’t hear moments earlier,
  • feeling a greater belongingness to everything including each other when we called ourselves “nameless”,
  •  our habitual meditation process benefited from a new unifying dimension,
  •  calling human-built structures and effects “blueprints” made us feel more reasonably able to control them.

       We validated that these discoveries were true for each of us because we experienced them, they were self-evident, they registered directly on our senses (19).

        We walked back to the beginning of the trail labeling things we experienced as “nameless” “love,” “attraction” or “unified field” and felt a greater wholeness than when we started. Then David had us pinch ourselves until it hurt so much that we stopped. We explored how our sense of pain was not a negative rather it was an attraction. It was Nature’s protective attraction that signaled us to find more satisfying and reasonable attractions. We recognized that our sensations of anxiety, depression and anguish, our senses 25-27, also make this contribution to our welfare (6) and we could achieve this at will through nature-connecting activities.

        We validated that moment-by-moment everything was attractively connected and as one as part of each moment of the Universe’s Unified Field (2, 23). When we consciously thought that plants or we were alive, the Earth and Universe also had to be and act alive for us because everything was identical Unified Field attraction in that moment including what we sensed and felt (16).

        We ended up looking at the aliveness of clouds as they moved across the sky into beautiful new shapes and we felt harmony and peace knowing we were doing the same thing with them and each other, no matter our cultural or genetic differences (9). We noted that people in the middle of a city could do this with clouds, parks and weeds (14).  Then David distributed sheets with the 54 senses listed on them and activities we could do to strengthen what we had just discovered (get one here 13).

        What fascinated me was that using GreenWave-54 we learned all this through trustable experiences in Nature, the real thing, in less than an hour. This was because what we were learning we could sense and feel right there around and in us immediately. This was powerfully different from the isolation generated by words in a book or lecture, words that Nature could not even register no less consider.

        GreenWave-54 was enabling us to be whole life reality, not just to abstract it with stories right or wrong (21). We were sensing and feeling that we were helping our 54 natural senses remember what they already knew. It felt attractive to give them safe time and space to connect with themselves in a natural area.

        We concluded by validating that in Nature what we were attracted to was doing the attracting in a balanced way. I recognized that at my school it would  take a full year science and philosophy course to get the same results if this was even possible (10). Could an indoor course ever substitute for learning how Nature works from authentic Nature, the fountainhead of authority in how it works? (20)“.


                 The only source of knowledge is experience.

                         – Albert Einstein


Our problems transform into well-being when our senses embrace Nature’s Unified Field.

        – Michael J. Cohen


One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin

– William Shakespeare


 The Value of GreenWave-54: Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature

        The GreenWave-54 art and science of self-evident, 54 sense contact with natural areas helps us benefit from Nature’s love to consciously live and support the aliveness of its eons of time and space moment-by-moment.  GreenWave relationships empower us to speak the known facts of the Big Bang Unified Field’s natural attraction process in and around us (23).

          The GreenWave helps us scientifically release our attachments to material society’s destructive stories that disconnect us from Nature’s whole life ways.  It enables us to consciously interlace with the Universe’s love to create and live the purity of its life in balanced diversity. This becomes our deeper and lasting health and happiness as our lives increasingly center around Nature’s wisdom of the ages. Discover how and why, since the beginning of time, attraction has been and is conscious of what it is attracted to.  To explore the GreenWave process directly, select here


I danced in nature with past leaders, deities, stories, prophets and relationships.  I updated them with today’s science so they could more realistically help me.

– ‘Charles Bradbury’



        An individual or organization is liable if things are falling apart and they have the glue needed to unite them and they don’t use it. That is negligence. They are doubly liable if it is the faulty way that they build relationships that is making things fall apart.

        A Grand Jury is investigating the prime organizations and individuals who are making Earth’s web of life, including human life, fall apart by omitting GreenWave-54.  We invite you to be an online member of that jury, review the evidence, and benefit from the critical information it offers you as a juror. Read the total jury testimony in the book With Justice For All  and protect your 14th amendment right to life. You can achieve a degree or be certified for mastering and teaching the evidence presented in this inquiry and/or in the references, below.  With Justice For All is also available as a paperback from and 

       For an index to complete GreenWave-54 facts, information and visibility Select Here


       Careers in teaching and applying the organics of GreenWave 54 are available to individuals that certify through its free online training  course.      

       To enroll and start a course or the full program, Select Here


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    If you listen to what appears to everyone you end up with Earth misery
    If you listen to the beat of earth-hearteartharteartheartearth via http://www.projectnatureconnect.NET you can hear the voice of the Unified Field that we disregard as subjective for 99 percent of our lives. You can get Nature’s consent to know Nature’s story via

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