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Earth Day Gift: a two-section, mental and environmental well-being activity

This Earth Day, or anyday, activity only works if you do it. (And it only takes a few minutes to do.) Through it, you'll discover the inherent natural attraction web of love and beauty that binds us to our true selves, to one another and to the natural world.

If you like it; pass it on. Help spread a little love, harmony, appreciation and gratitude on Earth Day or any day. This activity is grounded in the observation that all the world, including us, is held together by natural attractions, Each attraction is an elementary form of love.

Part One:

Find a moment of nature in your environment. It could be a park, a plant, a pet, a stone, a stream, a tree, a backyard, a front yard, a cloud, a birdsong, a mountain, a meadow. Spend a few moments discovering what it is here that attracts you. When you are comfortable feeling attracted to whatever it is that has attracted you,  write the following and fill in the blanks:

I love this_________ because it___________.

An example: I like (am attracted to, or love) this rock because it is enduring and warm.

IMPORTANT: Now copy and save your statement for further use.




OPPORTUNITY for a Coach/Mentor/Therapist or student:
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