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Some people are very wise.

They recognize that humanity's biology, psychology, and spirit, are rooted in the womb and eons of Mother Earth and her ecosystems.

They realize that contemporary society's conquest of nature severely disconnects our daily thinking and and relationships from nature's intelligent peace within and around us.

Separation from nature:

Our separation from nature tears us away from our fulfilling origins in nature. This produces many unfulfilled wants. We feel we don't have enough power, companionship or material possessions. We experience uncontrollable desires and dependencies that don't make sense and are hard to change.

Personally and globally, wellness deteriorates.

The present unpeaceful, destructive state of Earth and its people results.


Reconnecting with nature:

Research shows that genuine sensory reconnection with nature, backyard or backcountry, psychologically and spiritually reunites us with our supportive planetary origins.

Reconnecting lets nature helps us transform our destructive desires into constructive participation.




Noted benefits:

Hands-on, nature-connected ecopsychology has been shown to be an academically sound, stress management and mental health educational tool that helps you heal people and ecosystems.

It teaches people how to co-create with the environment and each other.

It helps us make sense of life, like nature works.

It empowers us to build community locally and globally.


Nature's way to make sense:

Does nature-connected education and counseling make sense to you? If so, please let us help you meet the United Nations manifest for environmentally sound personal growth and social justice.

The Institute of Global Education, a special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, invites you to use this website's free online training programs, activities, and materials to scientifically learn, use and teach the reconnecting process.

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In the name of personal and global sanity, we thank you for your interest.

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   The best way to learn the nature-reconnecting is to engage in it through our short, online Orientation Course. After seven sessions over16 days you will know firsthand the benefits it holds for you and the world you love.


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