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Project NatureConnect (PNC)  is a private education program founded and directed by Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D, Ed.D. that works in cooperation with forward thinking Universities, organizations and individuals.  It is funded, operated and administrated by volunteers from many disciplines who master the ways and means of PNC’s outcomes and its evidence-based Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) process.

PNC presently operates independently and as a subsidized form of Applied Ecopsychology in cooperation with Akamai University and Portland State University education and degree programs. 

The application of ECHN creates conscious, whole life sensory moments. They strengthen each participant’s life and livelihood while they strengthen the life of Earth along with local and global well-being. Each participant is given the long term opportunity to work as part of PNC or independently.


Stop Thimking. Start Thinking. 

It is 2016 A.D.  Do you know where your sanity is?

The unbalanced and increasingly deteriorating state of the world demonstrates that we have lost a major value in Industrial Society. It has become a disastrous hypocrisy and its madness attaches us to its toxic ways.

  •  It indoctrinates us to make money by getting paid to produce problems that we then get paid to solve. 
  • It teaches us to gain excessive satisfactions and prestige by denying that the life of Planet Earth actually lives. This lets us disregard its rights to its life.
  • It conditions us to ignore that the life of Earth/Nature loves to promote, recycle and purify every member of its web-of-life as a mutually supportive part of global life and its well-being, balance and beauty.  
  • It programs us to reject that Earth’s web-of-life includes us and vice versa.  

PNC is the pioneering leader in the whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN).  Since 1965 we have researched and developed practical sensory methods, materials and programs that are rooted in the empirical fact that the life of Planet Earth and ourselves is identical. Together we are a living organism.

Uniquely, our evidence-based program includes a warranty for accuracy. It makes you an expert in the use of our organic social technology tools.

Contemporary society, including you, needs us to give it ECHN’s power to reasonably strengthen the life of Earth’s well-being.  We can’t live responsibly, sanely or happily unless we support rather than destroy the life of our Planet in and around us.


PNC Mission Statement    

The  goal of Project NatureConnect is to continually contribute updated information to contemporary society about its relationship with the life of Planet Earth along with methods and materials that help improve that relationship. We accomplish this by making available the whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN).  Its reasonable multiple sensory connection process in natural areas is a practical antidote for the core of what ails a person in the Industrial world and in the societies that we affect.


The unique Lifetime Warranty of ECHN assures that ECHN is effective because it makes space in natural areas for genuine contact with Nature’s Unified Field to prevent and reverse our personal, social and environmental disorders. It also assures that ECHN can safely be added to any profession or discipline.


Today, we increasingly suffer our ever-growing overuse of the life of Earth’s resources and the miseries this produces. This is because, like depending upon an outdated boat departure schedule, the inaccurate information that Contemporary Society depends upon continually makes us miss the moment by moment sailing of our lifeboat, Planet Earth, the womb of our post-natal life.  To address this catastrophe, ECHN only works by using self-evident information obtained from contact with natural areas in the immediate moment. This is then reasonably blended with each additional source of information


We suffer our wide range of unsolvable disorders because the way we teach ourselves to think, feel and relate rewards us to “objectively” omit the “subjectivity” of our inherent 54 natural senses and the information they register. Being a crucial part of our life, they are critical for our participation in whole life relationships.  Omitting them addicts us to treat the life of “Organism Earth” as if it is material and dead. That deteriorates the life of our Planet and us as part of it. ECHN stops this. It empowers the blending of the subjective and objective.


The Applied Ecopsychology of ECHN helps anybody create authentic sensory attraction moments in natural areas. In them Organism Earth safely amalgamates the wisdom of its balance and beauty, in and around us, with our nature-disconnected stories. This self-correcting emotional fusion transforms our misguided information to the truth of today’s reality. Disorders subside as conscious sensory contact with Nature’s Unified Field restores person/planet integrity. For this reason, it makes sense to use ECHN to help protect Organism Earth and us under Endangered Species laws that we must design and enforce.




ECHN: The Whole Life Art and Science of Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

        Science produces knowledge from logical, systematic methods whose evidence excludes the mystical and other unprovable information (1). For this reason the founding story of Industrial Society is scientifically incorrect. Outdated, it is not based on Planet Earth being a living organism while Gaia evidence shows that Earth is alive (2). Its life is our life and we are not dead (3).

        At birth and before, the genetics our 54-senses to think and feel registers Earth as a living organism and that they are its life being them (5). They inherently love the life of Earth as a planet womb that envelopes and mutually supports and loves our childhood and adult life (4).

        Sadly, our dead Earth foundation stories disconnect us from Nature’s balance and beauty and this injures our lives. Their prejudice makes us habitually deny our shared life relationship with Organism Earth and reject that we inherit 54 inborn sensory ways of loving our Planet Mother and receiving love from her (6).

        To our loss, our unreasonable stories detach our natural senses from Nature and reattach them to our nature estranged ways along with their destructive effects and short-term gratifications (14). We incorrectly view Organism Earth as a mechanical and since our lives are it, that falsehood enslaves us to think and feel like like robots of Industrial Society (7).

        The pain of our disconnection from our Planet Mother’s life and love produces discontents that undermine our relationships (8). We lose whole life satisfaction and this makes us want. We sense and feel that there is never enough.  That missing love sensation is the underlying source of our greed, disorders and unrest (9).   It explains why quiet time in a natural area calms and restores us (10) (11). 

        The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) (12) empowers us to sensory reconnect with and embrace the self-correcting life of Organism Earth. This helps us recognize Organism Earth as an endangered species, one that deserves the missing love, protection and support that our 54 natural senses can give it as it strengthens their integrity (13).

        Our faulty foundation’s education, healing and politics produce corrupt stories and relationships. This is because they do not create space/time moments that let the Unified Field of Organism Earth teach our 54 senses what we need to know to come into balance with it and our natural selves (17). To be reasonable and happy we must use ECHN to reverse the catastrophic effects of our faulty foundation story (14).

        How can we win the battle to increase the well-being of our planet/person life without strengthening our inborn ability to know and love our planet home as Organism Earth rather than a mechanical and exploitable resource? ECHN enables our body, mind, and spirit to accomplish this. It reconnects, recycles and transforms our hurt 54 natural attraction/love senses so their genetics intelligently embrace Nature in and around us as of old (15). This reverses our deterioration of the life of Earth and us. Moment-by-moment it intelligently changes our corrupt foundation and miseries into the happiness of whole life well-being (16).


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